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Toronto's 2022 municipal election is only a few weeks away, which means all you eligible voters need to get a calendar again. Hopefully, one with some motivational quotes or kittens.

The all-encompassing election, held on October 24 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m, will end in the appointment of a mayor, 25 councillors, and 39 school trustees across four school boards.

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Is Toronto your ride-or-die? Are you looking for a way to put roots down in the 6ix without winning the lottery? Are you sick of being baited by questions? Well, then. Let's look at condos.

According to Strata, the city's condo market has dropped by 9% since February, a shift that has sellers willing to negotiate. As a result, buyers are now routinely paying almost 2% under asking, whereas 6 months ago, they were paying 10% over asking.

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A dog owner's nightmare has finally ended thanks to the Toronto police's safe return of two pups.

According to Toronto Police Service (TPS), members of its 52 Division located the two dogs in the Queen Street East and Bond Street area last Friday.

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There's a new escape room game in Toronto and it takes place along the streets of Old Toronto. You'll solve riddles and clues on popular monument buildings as you explore the city.

Adventure City Games opened its latest city escape game called "Panic in Old Toronto" and it will take you on a scavenger hunt unlike any other. You'll enter a fictional world where you try to save the country's economy from internet hackers. You can play any day you want.

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A chunk of Toronto's downtown core has been left in the dark following a massive power outage.

Hydro One has launched an investigation into reports that a "barge carrying a crane came into contact with high-voltage transmission lines in the city's Port Lands area."

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