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Que tu aies acheté une voiture récemment ou il y a plusieurs années, tu ferais mieux de jeter un coup d'œil à cette liste de plusieurs véhicules qui font l'objet d'un rappel par Transports Canada, car il se pourrait que tu doives prendre rendez-vous chez le concessionnaire.

Plusieurs marques sont concernées, que ce soit Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Nissan, Ford ou encore Volkswagen et les raisons des rappels sont multiples.

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The world is changing every day in so many ways, big and small. People are doing things differently across Canada, whether that’s how they watch movies (RIP Blockbuster) or what kind of vehicles they’re driving (viva la EV).

If you’ve already switched to an electric vehicle, you’re probably familiar with all its benefits, but you may not know the full potential of your four-wheel drive.

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If you're ready to go hog wild on your Doug Ford trivia, this new word game will put your knowledge to the test.

"Fordle" a Wordle spin-off created by iPolitics, generates a new five-letter word every single day, and all of them are something that the Premier loves to reference often.

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As Premier Doug Ford continues to urge residents to get vaccinated so Ontario can finally move out of step three of the provincial reopening plan, his daughter Krista Ford Haynes has taken to her Instagram account to share her thoughts on COVID-19 vaccines.

"This is what I got in the mail today, so I'm going to read it to y'all," Premier Ford's eldest daughter said in the video before she flashed the informational COVID-19 flyer to the camera.

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Ontario is set to enter the final phase of its three-step reopening plan on July 21, but what happens beyond step three is still TBD.

Premier Doug Ford was asked about the province's plans during a news conference on Monday, and he said that the details will be unveiled over the next few weeks.

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