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The 56-year-old mother of A Puerto Rican Olympian was accidentally shot to death in the U.S. over the weekend, and police are on the hunt for the suspect.

Mabel Martinez was sewing in her Connecticut home on Saturday when she was fatally struck by a bullet. Police believe she was just a bystander and that the bullet was actually intended for a man outside her home, reports NBC News.

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Teenager Eya Guezguez, the youngest Tunisian to compete at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics, has died after a training accident at sea.

Guezguez, 17, was practicing for future competitions on Sunday with her twin sister and fellow Olympian, Sarra Guezguez, when strong winds reportedly caused their sailboat to capsize.

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Changing teams at the Olympics has been like winning the lottery for Eileen Gu.

The gold medal-winning skier is reportedly raking in seven figures after deciding to represent China at the Olympics, even though she was born and raised in California.

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Jarl Magnus Riiber is living any Olympic athlete's worst nightmare.

The Norwegian biathlete was competing in the Olympics for the first time on Tuesday, and he was 44 seconds ahead of everyone in his cross-country ski race when he made an unbelievable mistake.

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One of the youngest Olympic athletes has had quite a week, after winning gold medals and then suddenly being at risk of losing them due to a failed drug test.

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva, 15, is in the middle of a major doping scandal in Beijing, after testing positive for a banned substance at another event before the Olympics.

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