ontario housing affordbility

Looking at mortgage rates in Ontario can be enough to give you a splitting headache, given the increase in interest rates in Canada over the last several months on top of the fact that jumping into home ownership for the first time can be incredibly confusing.

But if you're thinking about jumping into the Ontario real estate market, the main thing you need to know is whether you make enough money to qualify for a mortgage.

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Alberta and Ontario both have a lot to offer, and debates about which is the better province to live in are ongoing.

While it's no secret that there's a playful rivalry between Eastern and Western Canada, Narcity decided to head down to the streets of Calgary to ask locals exactly what they think Alberta does better than Ontario.

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In the midst of a looming strike by Ontario's 55,000 education workers, and the many other ongoing issues across the province and country, there was no shortage of things to discuss in a meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Doug Ford on Wednesday night.

But it seems like they might've had a rather tense conversation.

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