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tegan and sara

Tegan and Sara have shared their love for Calgary – the city they grew up in — many times before but now the city has decided to return the favour, renaming an entire bus route after the pair.

Calgary Transit has temporarily renamed route 19 as Crybaby to celebrate Tegan and Sara's new album of the same name and TV show High School which are both dropping this month.

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Filming in Alberta is really starting to boom. Tons of celebrities will be spending time in the province this May as projects get underway, so you never know who you could spot on your next trip to the grocery store.

From the huge provincewide production of HBO's The Last Of Us, to a brand-new Netflix show, Alberta is set to get some serious screen time over the next few years and celebrity sightings are set to be more common.

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Want to see yourself on screen? A casting call is looking for extras to take part in filming for a new TV show filming in Calgary and here's what you need to do to get involved.

A casting call was posted for the series which is looking for background extras until June 2, 2022. The production team is looking for background actors to play high school students aged between 17 and 21 years old, as well as actors of any age.

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Alberta has seen a boom in filming for movies and TV shows over the last couple of years and 2022 is no exception.

There are loads of shows using the province as a backdrop and we can't wait to point out all the places we know. For some, you won't have to wait that long, either.

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Production is kicking off in Calgary for a brand new TV show from the city’s favourite musical duo Tegan and Sara and we can’t wait for all the '90s nostalgia.

Tegan and Sara are bringing to life their memoir High School which details their lives growing up in northeast Calgary in the nineties.

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