'Life With Derek' Stars React To Racy Fan Theories About Their On-Screen Relationship (VIDEO)

People wanted a step-sibling romance in the spin-off...

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Micheal Seater and Ashley Leggat.

Micheal Seater and Ashley Leggat.

Life With Derek stars Micheal Seater and Ashley Leggat finally got real about the chemistry between their two characters.

A lot of young Canadians grew up watching Disney channel'sLife With Derek, a comedy series about a blended family making it work, but what stuck out to the audience was the chemistry between step-siblings Casey MacDonald and Derek Venturi.

The siblings weren't blood-related and never had any explicit romantic plot lines in the show, but viewers definitely picked up on a vibe and even developed the ship name #Dasey for the two.

Seater told Narcity that he and Leggat have always had chemistry in "spades," and shows that become popular need to have great chemistry between its characters.


"We're each other's favourite people to do a scene with, like, we have so much fun. The energy is electric, and it's just so good. So I understand that people really enjoy watching us together on screen," said Seater.

Back in 2020, Leggat even tweeted out her support of the Dasey ship, writing, "I love the yearly nostalgic Life with Derek trend that happens. BTW I still go down with this ship. #LifeWithDerek#Dasey"

Leggat told Narcity that she supports the Life With Derek fandom and what it means to different people.

"It's the movement of the Life With Derek fandom, and it's just that," said Leggat "It means something different to everybody, and so whatever that is – I go down with it."

The beloved Canadian series just came out with a new spin-off movie, Life With Luca, which follows the step-siblings and their own kids on Canada's Family Channel with the majority of the old cast and some fresh faces.

But some fans were disappointed that after all this time, Derek and Casey didn't end up together.

"Found out Casey and Derek aren’t together on the Life with Derek spin-off, " tweeted out a fan.

Another wrote, "So Life With Derek is now Life With Luca and you're telling me Derek and Casey don't end up together????? Seriously?!?!"

Despite the step-siblings not entering a relationship in Life With Luca, some fans can still feel the heat.

"It’s been 13 years and the sexual tension still going strong… Fanfic writers we NEED y’all," tweeted out a fan with a picture of Casey and Derek.

Whether or not the tension actually exists between these characters, some fans still see it over a decade later.

Life With Luca premiered on February 20, and you can find the movie on Canada's Family Channel.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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Toronto Staff Writer
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