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7 Iconic Dishes From Across Canada You Need To Try At Least Once

Bon appétit, Canada!

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7 Iconic Dishes From Across Canada You Need To Try At Least Once

From coast to coast, Canada has some serious food game. No matter which province you’re in, you can find mouthwatering dishes to satisfy any palate.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can treat yourself to B.C.'s famously delicious Nanaimo bar or the Ontario-born BeaverTails.

For fans of savoury feasts (and Canadian beef in particular), nothing beats an Alberta steak, a smoked-meat sandwich from Montreal or a Halifax donair.

Whatever you're hungry for, you can find something tasty that'll satisfy visitors and locals alike among these iconic Canadian foods.

Treat Yourself To A Premium Beef Cut At An Alberta Steakhouse

Thanks to environmentally sustainable practices, along with world-class food safety and quality assurance systems, Canada serves up some of the best beef in the world.

Farmers and ranchers take great care and pride in raising their cattle, which shows in their consistently high-quality Canadian beef. If you want to sample some of the best the nation has to offer, order a steak in Canada's cattle country, Alberta.

While perusing steakhouse menus for the ultimate cut, keep your eyes open for Canada Prime or Canada AAA Grade beef.

These Canadian beef grades indicate that you're getting carefully selected steakhouse-quality beef with the best marbling, flavour and juiciness.

Cozy Up With One Of Ontario's Famous BeaverTails

BeaverTails are an iconic Canadian indulgence, made from hand-stretched pastry, served hot and smothered in toppings like Nutella, banana or the classic cinnamon sugar.

Founded in the 1970s just west of Ottawa, BeaverTails now has over 150 shops worldwide.

For an authentic BeaverTails experience, grab one of these crispy-yet-chewy pastries next time you're in Canada's capital city and go for a skate down the Rideau Canal.

Indulge In A Nanaimo Bar In B.C.

Named after the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo, this decadent dessert features a layer of sweet custard sandwiched between rich chocolate and a coconut-graham crust.

Besides its place of origin, the history of the Nanaimo bar is unknown, with many people claiming credit for the OG recipe.

Despite its mysterious background, Nanaimo locales are (understandably) proud of their iconic layered treat. In 1986, a city-wide contest was held to find the best-tasting Nanaimo bar recipe, and if you're visiting Vancouver Island, you can even tour the Nanaimo Bar Trail.

Chow Down On A Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich In Quebec

Montreal-style smoked is made of Canadian beef brisket that’s been salted, spiced and smoked to perfection.

Originating in Eastern Europe and introduced to Montreal by Jewish immigrants, Montreal smoked meat is served between two slices of rye bread and smothered in mustard (chef's kiss).

The dish's association with the city is so strong that the term “Montreal smoked meat” is used regardless of where the meat has been prepared. Talk about iconic.

Explore P.E.I With A Lobster Roll In Hand

Surrounded on all sides by bountiful waters, P.E.I. is a well-known spot for all sorts of seafood. It's no surprise then that the lobster roll has become a summer staple.

It's hard to turn down the chunks of fresh lobster and creamy mayo, sandwiched inside a toasted, buttery bun.

In fact, lobster rolls are so popular in this Maritime province that you can pick up a McLobster from McDonald’s in summer.

Enjoy The Heartland Province With A Saskatoon Berry Pie

Is there anything more comforting than a warm and flaky pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? That's how the Saskatoon berry pie is best served in its home province of Saskatchewan.

A cross between blueberry and apple, the Saskatoon berry has a sweet, nutty flavour that goes perfectly with buttery pastry and cream.

Saskatoon berry pie is considered right up there with the Nanaimo bar in terms of iconic Canadian dishes. It’s even got its own Canada Post stamp — talk about recognition.

Grab A Halifax Donair With Sweet Sauce In Nova Scotia

Next time you're visiting the East Coast, skip the late-night pizza and opt for a Halifax donair. This wrap consists of a pita filled with beef, tomatoes, onions and donair’s signature sweet garlic sauce.

The dish was created in the 1970s by Greek immigrant Peter Gamoulakos, who wanted to bring the taste of home to Canada. After tinkering with some gyros recipes and swapping out lamb for beef, the donair was born.

Not only did this dish take off, but it's now so iconic, the donair was named the official food of Halifax in 2015.

Whether you're going for a Canada Prime Grade steak or a cozy slice of Saskatoon berry pie, Canada has a ton of variety to offer when it comes to iconic dishes.

Hot tip: If you're trying to choose from Canada's finest beef at your local Canadian restaurant, make sure to ask about the grade of beef — it indicates the amount of marbling of the meat.

If you really want to impress your friends, look out for anything between Canada AAA Grade and Canada Prime Grade, which are Canada's top grades.

To learn more about Canadian Beef and its grading system, visit their website or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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