BeaverTails Announced A Fine Dining Experience At 9 Locations Just In Time For April Fools

Anyone who made a reservation is actually in for a sweet surprise.

Beavertails classic Canadian dessert. Right: Beavertails fine dining experience.
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Beavertails classic Canadian dessert. Right: Beavertails fine dining experience.

BeaverTails, the company behind the classic sugary treat Canadians know and love, announced it will be rolling out an "exclusive fine dining experience" across nine participating locations this weekend — but the timing was suspicious, to say the least.

The new offer included a number of super fancy desserts with reservations made for one person only and it just happened to come into effect on April Fool's Day.

According to a spokesperson, a bunch of people actually bought into the gag and booked a reservation. The good news? If you were gullible enough to opt in, you'll actually be getting a free treat!

The exclusive experience was set to take place at nine locations across Canada including their Niagara, Hunstville, Ottawa Byward Market, and Toronto waterfront shops in Ontario. Reservations were available between April 1 to April 3.

The "gourmet journey" as they call it was not as advertised, and the company confirmed via Instagram that the whole idea was in fact an April Fools joke. But don't fret, if you took the plunge and made a reservation you can show up at the reserved time and location to claim a free BeaverTail pastry. Talk about a sweet surprise.

Beavertails Fine Dining

Price: Free for those who reserved

When: April 1, 2, 3

Address: Toronto Waterfront, Huntsville, Ottawa Byward Market & Niagara, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you booked a reservation for the so-called "fine dining experience," you're in for a sweet surprise. April Fools! While they got us good and there's no new experience happening this weekend, anyone who reserved a spot can show up at their time slot to get a free BeaverTail pastry of their choice.


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