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Nova Scotia Is One Of Canada's Most Underrated Spots & Here's Why You Should Check It Out

From beaches to food, Canada's ocean playground really has it all.

Nova Scotia Is One Of Canada's Most Underrated Spots & Here's Why You Should Check It Out

Canada is home to scenic wilderness, delicious food and a diverse population, each province with its own identity and cultural landscape. While all provinces are worth the visit, Nova Scotia — the heart of Canada's east coast — is a destination so breathtaking that it shouldn't be missed.

Any time of the year, Canada's ocean playground offers something for every type of traveller. From adrenaline-pumping activities like tidal bore rafting to mouth-watering food experiences like dining on the ocean floor, Nova Scotia makes an ideal spot for solo travellers, couples and families alike.

Whether you've been daydreaming about your first or tenth visit to Nova Scotia, these seven reasons why the province should be on your bucket list might just have you booking the next flight out.

You Can Stay In Unique Accomodations

Nova Scotia has many gorgeous accommodations for any type of traveller. From charming inns to luxury wilderness resorts and glamping sites, you may be tempted to book a stay at multiple places.

For travellers who want to reduce their carbon footprint, check out one of the province's eco-conscious abodes like the Kayak Cape Breton & Cottages. And if you're looking to reconnect with nature, consider a wooded or beachside campsite in one of 20 provincial parks.


There's Plenty Of Shopping To Be Done

If you're on a mission to support local and shop small, make sure to visit some of the quaint storefronts in downtown Halifax along Spring Garden Road or grab some fresh produce, handmade goods, wine and other treats at The Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market. No matter where you're staying, you can soak in Nova Scotian culture and find some stunning handcrafted pieces to take home with you.

Treat yourself to a beautiful piece to serve as a lasting commemoration of your visit at one of the artisanal shops and galleries that can be found in every corner of the province, showcasing the work of local artists and artisans.


Every Day Is Full Of Adventure

Thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike should prepare for the many surprises that await in the Nova Scotian wilderness. There are activities year round, meaning no matter when you choose to visit the sea-bound coast, you're guaranteed to find adventure.

There's a reason why Nova Scotia is known as Canada's ocean playground: activities include whale watching, hikes with ocean views, tidal bore rafting, surfing and so much more. You could easily dedicate an entire trip to exploring everything nature has to offer along the stunning coast.


You Can Eat Your Way Around Nova Scotia's Fresh & Diverse Culinary Scene

With fresh seafood and homegrown produce, this is a foodie's paradise. Think decadent lobster, pastries right out of the oven, wine tours and unforgettable dining experiences. Eat (and drink) your way through the province to truly immerse yourself in the culture of the east coast.

Each of Nova Scotia's top restaurants promises to tantalize your taste buds. After tasting your first bite of a Nova Scotian feast, you'll likely want to extend your trip to ensure you don't miss out on the province's many delicacies.


There Are Festivals Galore

Whatever time of year you're planning to visit, be sure to check out what festivals are in town. Snag a ticket for one of the many events that take place across Nova Scotia or register for a free one. There's never a shortage of celebrations in this province — if you're lucky, you might even get invited to a kitchen party or two.

Come in the early fall to attend the Harvest Festival and try out locally-made desserts and preserves. For folksy vibes and tunes, check out the Cabot Trail Acoustic Fest, the Deep Roots Music Festival or the vibrant Patio Lanterns Festival (these are just a few of the province's music festivals).

Due to COVID-19, the time and details of each event may be altered, so always be sure to check with the event's organizers before attending.


There Are Many Opportunities To Explore The Province's History & Heritage

If you're a culture or history buff, you might want to tack an extra day or two onto your Nova Scotia trip. With 28 provincial museums and interpretive centres to visit (plus 13 national historic sites), there's so much to learn here.

Submerge yourself in the province's unique maritime history at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (home to a collection of artifacts from the actual Titanic shipwreck), or find out what life was like in Nova Scotia during the 19th century at Sherbrooke Village. In addition to its many museums, Nova Scotia is also home to six UNESCO sites, such as Joggins Fossil Cliffs and Old Town Lunenburg.


There's Something For Every Type Of Traveller

Tourism Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a top-notch destination for solo travellers, couples and groups alike. Whether you're visiting with your significant other, friends or family, you can have fun throughout the province with activities like kayaking and hiking available pretty much anywhere.

Get your self-love on at a luxury spa or woo your partner at a romantic lobster dinner. If you're visiting with kids (or you just want to unleash your inner child), get messy on the muddy banks of a nature-made slip and slide.


Answer the call of the ocean breeze and plan your trip to Nova Scotia. Whether you're looking for luxury or adventure, you can be sure that this east coast province has something for you (and anyone you're travelling with).

Use this list as inspiration for your ultimate Nova Scotian getaway and you'll have no shortage of things to do when you head to Canada's ocean playground.

To learn more about exploring Nova Scotia, check out Tourism Nova Scotia's website or visit their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube for travel and dining inspiration.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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