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8 Weekend Activities Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Be Outside All Summer Long

Get outdoors in your own city.

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8 Weekend Activities Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Be Outside All Summer Long

Whatever way you spend it — lounging in the sun at the cottage, swimming in lakes, hiking up mountains, paddleboarding past urban landscapes — there really is nothing quite like a Canadian summer.

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, there's an experience waiting around every corner. And as the sun stays out longer and temperatures continue to rise, many Canadians can't wait to get out and explore.

When you go outside this summer, make sure you feel good on the inside too. Eating plenty of fibre, vegetables and probiotic foods can contribute to good gut health and keep you feeling great from the inside out. There are even tasty grab-and-go options like Activia's new probiotic smoothies to fuel your summer adventures.

With no sugar added, the 3 flavours of smoothies are made from a medley of fruits, veggies and seeds. They also include seven grams of protein and a exclusive probiotic culture* (Bifidobacterium lactis) that contributes to healthy gut flora.

As you navigate a summer full of activities — like this list of park picnics, hikes, barbecues and more — probiotics like the ones found in Activia's smoothies can help support your digestive health and help you tackle your sunny season activities.

Check Out A Hidden Gem In Your Own City

A great way to get outside in your local community is to head to that spot on your list that you've been wanting to check out for months. Whether it's a new restaurant patio across town, a rooftop terrace that's been a part of the community for years, or even a walking trail just outside of your city, turning your sunny Saturday into an adventure is always a good idea.

For a fun weekend activity, try squeezing in as many outdoor hidden gems as you can into one day.

Support Local Businesses With A Fully-Stocked Park Picnic

Give your everyday picnic a sustainable twist with a meal fully supplied by your favourite local businesses. Grab some bread and olives from your local Italian bakery, mains from that restaurant you've been dying to try, and a decadent treat from one of your city's dessert shops.

You could head to a park down the street or trek elsewhere for a more exciting destination. No matter where you go or who you meet up with, remember the essentials: a comfy blanket, refreshing drinks and, of course, a few snacks to munch on once you've finished your meal.

When it comes to picnic snacks, convenience is key; consider some pre-packaged cured meats, chips and dip, or an Activia probiotic smoothie with 1 billion active probiotics so you can feel good from the inside out.

Hit The Skatepark

Rolling around your city on wheels isn't only a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, but it's also great for breaking a sweat. Whether you skateboard, longboard, scooter or skate, spending a beautiful summer day at the skatepark can be good for the soul. Do it alone, with pals, or maybe make a new friend or two while you're there.

Unplug & Take A Stroll

People take walks for many reasons, like to get some exercise or drop by the shops, but going for a stroll is also a chance to clear your mind and practice staying present. With modern society constantly bombarding us with information, walking without your headphones in is an opportunity to truly unplug.

Listen to the birds sing, take a deep breath and have a minute alone with your thoughts to relax and connect with the world around you.

Hike Or Bike Your Favourite Trail

Nothing screams "outdoorsy" like a hike along your favourite trail. Whether you head to this destination often or haven't hit the trail since last summer, a day hike is sure to strengthen your connection with Mother Nature.

When you're packing your bag, don't forget to bring snacks that'll help keep you going. With seven grams of protein and easy grab-and-go packaging, Activia Smoothies are an excellent hiking sidekick.

Head To The Garden & Hit The Books

Sometimes getting outside is just about opening the door to your backyard. Next time you pick up a book to read, or feel like writing in your journal, consider heading out to your yard or front porch. Making a habit of getting outdoors, even if you're still at home, is a great way to introduce this healthy activity into your routine.

Dine Alfresco On Your Balcony

If your favourite Friday-night activity is to order in, stepping outside with your meal will take the experience to the next level. "Alfresco" means "in the open air" in Italian, but you don't have to be in Rome to do as the Romans do. Bring your dish outdoors and pair it with your beverage of choice for the full European vibe.

Head To Your Local Waterway

Summer is the season for water activities in Canada, but you don't need to swim to enjoy some fun in the sun at your nearby creek or lake. You could try yoga on the beach, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, or simply laying out on the sand. Whichever way you choose to spend your time, chilling out by the water is an excellent way to enjoy summer.

Whether you're having a picnic in the park, taking a walk to clear your mind or hitting the beach, there are many ways to connect with nature this summer. Being outside may contribute to your overall well-being, but feeling good starts inside. When you head outdoors in the sunny weather, remember to grab your favourite flavour of Activia Probiotic Smoothie to help keep your gut happy too.

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