When July rolls around, Southerners know that it's just about time for those stalks of sunshine to pop-up out of the ground. Anderson Sunflower Farm's sunflower field in Georgia already has blooms popping up and ready for the picking. You definitely won't want to forget your phone to snap a summery shot for your Insta feed either.

You'll find Anderson Sunflower Farm in the city of Cumming, and they've officially opened July 8 for the season. They say that the season is generally short and sweet, lasting only around seven to 10 days.

"The sunflowers are slowly starting to bloom so we will officially open on Wednesday, July 8th at 8:30 am - 8:30 pm and remain open 7 days a week until the flowers begin to wilt," reads a post from the farm's Facebook page

Visitors can cut their own sunflowers for just $1 per stem, or buy pre-cut ones for $1 as well.

The parking fee to get into the farm is just $20 per car, so pack that sucker full because their website says, "It doesn’t matter if there are eight people in the car or just one person in the car."

What better an excuse is there to have a BFF date day than sunflower picking anyway?

The farm also allows professional photoshoots for $40 because these ginormous fields are just too beautiful not to offer that up.

No need to make an appointment, just show up, pay, and be on your way to some pretty amazing shots.

The sunflower farm is also taking precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Their website states that they're following the recommendations and guidelines put in place by both the CDC and the state of Georgia.

Time to gear up the car and have fun on their farm.

Anderson's Sunflower Farm 

Price: $20 to park and explore, $1 per stalk

Address: 3360 Shiloh Rd, Cumming, GA

Why You Need To Go: This is one of GA's best sunflower farms and you can get to pick your own bushel of flowers.

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