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You Can Buy A Can Of 'Banff Air' Signed By 2 Chainz For A Casual $18,500

Don't worry, it's decorated with diamonds.

If you've been longing for a can of Banff air with the signature of American Rapper 2 Chainz, your prayers have officially been answered. 

Yes, it's a real thing. The product is sold by Vitality Air, a company that sells Canadian air in cans. It’s called “8L Banff Air With Diamonds + Signed By 2 Chains.”

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Only 10 in the world will exist.  Vitality Air

While there is seriously limited stock, there are still some available at the time of writing. According to the product listing, the can is fitted with three diamond studs which total up to 0.3 carats.

“Each diamond is a precious 0.10 Carat. One on the mask, one on the button, and one on the cap. You'll be able to see, feel, and caress the diamonds as you breathe in this luxurious air from the rocky mountains!” the listing reads.

The limited-edition cans are signed by 2 Chainz. You’ll also get 10 bottles of the classic Banff Air with your purchase.

Oh, and you’ll get a “unique and custom wooden gift box, engraved with your personal name.”

Now that is some special air, folks. If you’ve been dying to travel to Banff but unable to make the trip, breathing some crisp, mountain air might be the next best thing.