It hardly looks real. There's a cliffside home in B.C. for sale right now and it's giving us serious treehouse vibes. It comes equipped with its own private beach and all the lush forest you can imagine. This mansion is what dreams are made of. 

We’re back with another luxurious B.C. home and this time, it’s not in downtown Vancouver. In fact, it's just across the water on Bowen Island. 

While it may be cheaper to own your own private island, this cliffside villa may be worth looking into, should you fall into some money. 

For $3,099,000 this home could be yours. 

Equipped with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, you'll have 2,146 square feet to play around with. 

The home itself is situated on the side of a cliff so if you’re not a fan of heights, this may not be the spot for you. 

It seriously feels like a treehouse

Not only are you high up but you are totally secluded and there's forest surrounding the entire house making it a nature enthusiast's dream come true. 

Frances Frost | RE/MAX

The inside the house has a cabin feel to it with exposed beams and wood panelling. 

With the massive stone fireplace right in the middle of everything, this mansion is the perfect place to relax after a long day of paddleboarding on your private beach.

In typical mansion fashion, there are massive floor to ceiling windows everywhere, so don’t worry about having an obstructed view.

Frances Frost | RE/MAX

Frances Frost | RE/MAX

If you need a better look at the outdoors, hit up the deck. 

And no, it’s not one small deck. This home sports 1,300 square feet of patio space for you to lounge on and no matter the time of day, you will have sun. 

It’s perfect for sun tanning, BBQs, or whale watching.

While the inside is undeniably gorgeous, the main attraction is the private beach. 

Frances Frost | RE/MAX

That’s right. Say goodbye to public beaches and hello to your very own oasis. 

With a secluded spot like this, you can even make your own nude beach

Cliffside Mansion

Price: $3,099,000

Address: 1693 Old Eagle Cliff Rd., Bowen Island, BC

Description: Why own a downtown loft when you could own your own private beach? It's the perfect place to get away from city life and into nature. 

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