This Canadian Comedian Is Making Tons Of Money Burping On OnlyFans

She gets requests to burp "while swearing in Quebecois French." 🤭
This Canadian Comedian Is Making Tons Of Money Burping On OnlyFans

If you're in need of a side hustle, try burping for cash.

That's what Canadian comedian Christina Walkinshaw is doing, by posting videos of herself belching on OnlyFans. Yep, you read that right.

Walkinshaw, aka BurpsMagoo, is a B.C. native who lived in Toronto for many years. She's now residing in New York, making an income from OnlyFans in a truly unique way.

The comic remains fully clothed in her videos and charges a subscription fee of $9.99 per month.

She told Narcity all about how it started, how it's going and the interesting video requests she gets.

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Can you make money burping on OnlyFans?

Walkinshaw has been successfully burping her way to revenue on OnlyFans through her subscription fee. However, it took some work to build her audience.

"When I joined, I had no idea how much to charge, as I don’t know any people with careers in the burping industry," she said.

"I set my price at $10/month, thinking if people were willing to spend more, they can tip."

Promotion is key to growing your audience, but Walkinshaw was lucky enough to already have a secret burp fetish following.

"People have been tracking my burps on my comedy albums and podcast for years. I guess I had a following I didn’t know about."

"But then 2020 came along and I had to get creative with my income, so I dove in. I’m actually having fun. I have a gift."

What is the burping community on OnlyFans all about?

Walkinshaw’s experience with the burping community on OnlyFans has been a positive one.

“So far my subscribers have been very polite, but I hear the fart community can be a little more demanding,” she explains.

“While some people might judge this fetish community, these people are all quite respectful. They’re all understanding if you say 'no' to doing something.”

Requests for personalized videos are another way to earn money on the site, and Walkinshaw has received some interesting ones.

“So far my favourite was the guy who asked me to make a 5-10 minute video of me burping while swearing in Quebecois French.”

Who is BurpsMagoo and what is she up to?

BurpsMagoo is a full-time job for the comedian, now that the future of live comedy is in limbo.

“...Stand up comedy is in sort of a dead zone right now. I lost over $10,000 in work this year, so if I can replenish that — AMAZING!”

“I do like that with OnlyFans I control my content, how much I charge, how often I post. Plus this is a good side hustle where I can still social distance.”

Strangely, Walkinshaw has noticed that her subscriber count goes up in the middle of the night. And she's excited to see her account growing.