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The United States is full of enthusiastically decorated cities during the holidays. However, one metro area was recently acknowledged as the "most festive" of them all.

Chicago, IL was found to be the country's best holiday wonderland, according to Google search data for Christmas activities in 10 American cities analyzed by experts at Travelbag, a vacation planning company.

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If you're a midwesterner looking for a relaxing escape from the real world for a bit, there's a massive spa right outside of the Chicago area that might be able to help you find some respite.

King Spa & Sauna in Niles, IL is a relaxing oasis with so many different amenities that will help you have such a great time you might even consider staying the entire 24 hours it remains open to patrons.

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It's about to be the buzzy holiday time, and with that comes all our favorite festivities taking place.

The tradition of visiting the Christkindlmarket in Illinois lets the visitor experience the twinkling cheer spread among the quaint European-esque shops. Here, you can sip a yummy ale, feast on sweet German treats, and shop adorable Christmas decor.

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There's a museum in Illinois that is entirely dedicated to the sweet, cold treat many people love. The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) in Chicago, IL has become a popular culinary destination for tourists and locals looking to spend a day immersed in a bright pink-colored world of icy desserts.

Attendees can enjoy witnessing 14 different sensory installations, learning about the history of ice cream, as well as trying a few unique flavors. However, there's one flavor offered there that apparently isn't so popular among patrons, and one viral TikTok video posted by user Payton (@paytonmey) exposes people's feelings about it.

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There's a tiny town called Casey, IL where you'll find some of the largest items in the world, and you can visit them for free.

Here, you won't just experience a quaint small city vibe but rather a municipality full of random things that are mega-sized, including some that hold world records.

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