The global pandemic has brought many things with it, and according to Canadians, we might have to add bad vision to the mix. 

That's right, a survey completed by Alcon Canada shows just how many Canadian believe that COVID-19 has affected their eyes during the quarantine.

What's the culprit you ask? Well, it seems with more people at home, Canadians are reaching for their gadgets in order to stay social, connected and entertained.

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Canadians using their computers or phones more due to the pandemic

In fact, 66% of Canadians are finding themselves using their computers or phones more than ever before. Additionally, 31% said they actually feel their eyesight strained. 

The survey looked at 1,000 Canadians who all required vision correction. About 34% of them said they felt more tired than previously and this could maybe be proof of 'digital eye strain' the result of watching your screen.

Despite all of this, 40% said they did not like the idea of visiting their eye doctor during the pandemic.

Dr. Shawn Moore, optometrist at Orillia Optometry, believes that patients should still go in for help.

"Conditions like dry eye can also present as blurry vision, so if you're experiencing changes in your eyesight, patients still need to prioritize seeing an optometrist at this time to re-assess their vision care needs." 

Canadians should try to lower their screen intake to eight hours or less a day while working and three hours or less for recreation. 

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