Today, Canada got the sad news that Alex Trebek, long time host of Jeopardy, has passed away.

Alex Trebek was a University of Ottawa alumni — he attended the university after growing up in Sudbury, Ontario. 

Now, the university is speaking out on Trebek's death, highlighting his long career and stating how much he will be missed.

They tweeted their condolences this afternoon.

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President of the University of Ottawa Jacques Frémont also released a statement on Trebek's passing.

"Alex spent many years sharing the right questions with the world on Jeopardy! It is fitting that his gifts will allow future generations of students at uOttawa to continue asking the right questions, and finding important new answers that benefit us all," wrote Frémont.

"We are grateful to Alex, and like so many others, we will miss him," he continued.

Trebek's donations to the University of Ottawa were responsible for creating the "Alex Trebek Forum for Dialogue, and his namesake Innovation and Challenge Fund, as well as his Distinguished Lecture Series and Leadership Award."

In 2017, he was named as an Officer to the Order of Canada “for his iconic achievements in television and for his promotion of learning, notably as a champion for geographical literacy.” 

Rest in peace, Alex. ❤️ 

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