We are waterfalling in love with this spot! If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to live the resort life, then this Ontario mansion for sale is your future dream home. With a waterfall pool and fireplaces in nearly every room, it’s nothing but pool hair and self-care all day long here.

Located in the gorgeous town of Niagara-on-the-Lake near Toronto, this elite property looks like a charming old English castle surrounded by lush gardens and greenery.

The tower, in particular, looks like somewhere Rapunzel would let her hair down. Except this is Rapunzel living her best summer life.

The back patio features so many bells and whistles like a large shaded seating area, a heated inground pool, and even a remote-controlled waterfall. Yes, you read that right.

It’s basically like having a spa in your backyard.

Inside, you’ll find four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and four cozy fireplaces, including one that’s located right beside the spa-like bathtub.

Imagine soaking next to the fire on a cold winter day! And speaking of cold winter days, did we mention the house has heated floors throughout?

Talk about the Canadian dream.

There’s also a spacious guest house on the property where you could host overnight guests, or start your own Airbnb rental.

Now, this might just be the Toronto in us, but all of this for $3,329,000 doesn’t even sound too bad.

You could make all of your summer dinner party dreams come true with the outdoor kitchen here. 

And in the evenings, the patio firepit is the perfect place to sit around with a glass of rosé.

Since the home is located conveniently within walking distance of numerous local wineries, you’ll never have to worry about your supply running merlot, either.

High ceilings make this 5,870-square-foot property feel even bigger.

Just imagine what you could do with all that space. The possibilities are nearly endless.

We might not have millions to dish out on this mini-resort, but that doesn’t mean mansion life is impossible.

Just take a peek at this giant house with a pool that’s cheaper than you’d think.

Elite Resort Residence 

Price: $3,329,000

Address: Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Description: You could live in your own castle-like resort in the beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, complete with Rapunzel tower and remote-controlled waterfall.

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