A houseboat and a tiny home in one cute little package almost sounds too good to be true. This adorable floating cottage in B.C. is perfect for you if you're a fan of peace and quiet. B.C.'s real estate prices are known to raise a few eyebrows but this baby is on sale for just $105,000. 

The home is located in the heart of Port Alberni, B.C. The humble abode itself is set by the Sunshine Bay. 

The drive from downtown Vancouver to Sunshine Bay is just over eight hours. Albertans can get in on the action too, as the drive from Calgary will take about seven and a half hours. 

So if you've been longing to get away from the hustle and the bustle, this could be your ideal hideout.

The description under the listing reads, "Float cabin located in Sunshine Bay with close access to some of the best fishing locations. The cabin is fully furnished and has a solar system and all new decking. No work needed ready for your enjoyment."

This 325-square-foot cottage has one bedroom and one bathroom. Seeing how it's all furnished, you don't have to worry about hauling massive pieces of furniture back and forth. 

Craig Filipchuk | RE/MAX

Craig Filipchuk | RE/MAX

With a cozy, polished wooden interior, you'll feel like you're in summer camp all over again. Except for the fact that you get it all to yourself. 

Just imagine opening your front door and gazing out into the serene waters every morning. Coffee on the deck would be such a sweet experience. 

The photos also show a thick forest in the background, so you know that you'll get an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. 

Craig Filipchuk | RE/MAX

Craig Filipchuk | RE/MAX

It also comes with a fairly spacious kitchen and a washer. So all your basic necessities are covered. 

There are a lot of fabulous properties in B.C., from oceanside mansions to lake-facing cabins. But it's something else entirely to float your days away in this cute-as-a-button cabin on the water. 

With a price tag of $105,000, the listing estimates that the monthly mortgage will cost about $458.94. 

Craig Filipchuk | RE/MAX

You might be looking to splash the cash for a first-time purchase or add an affordable home to your collection — whatever it is, this floating cabin should check all your boxes. 


Price: $105,000

Address: 47 Sunshine Bay, Port Alberni, BC

Description: An adorable floating cottage on Sunshine Bay that's as warm and cozy as it is affordable.

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