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You Can Get Booze & Views On This Sky High Ferris Wheel Ride In Las Vegas

A drink in the sky sounds like the perfect way to sip.

What's better than sipping boozy concoctions in the sky? Unlimited drinks while you watch the city cruise by, of course. This Groupon for the High Roller in Las Vegas will get you an open bar on a giant Ferris wheel that overlooks Sin City. You can enjoy epic views and delicious cocktails for an absolute bargain with this fantastic adventure.

The High Roller in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a towering 550-foot Ferris wheel that acts as a stunning observation deck.

With this deal, you will get 30-minutes of unlimited drinks served up by a bartender that accompanies the revolving wheel for only $51!

Each pod offers incredible panoramic views of the city as it makes its rotation, and you can wander around the glass space to check out different angles and breathtaking sights.

The wheel is the world's tallest observation deck according to the official website and rivals the London Eye in England.

Included in the package is an entry ticket for the ride, as well as the open bar suitable for the times you choose.

You must be 21 or older to enjoy this deal, and hours for the "Happy Half Hour" begin at 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday and noon on the weekends.

It runs until midnight, though the last boarding time is 11:30 p.m.

The pass is distributed directly into your Groupon account for use on the time and date you booked your event.

As you slowly ascend toward the sky once your trip begins, you can sip on booze while watching the stunning display as it spreads out below you.

This epic adventure is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening and promises to create memories of a lifetime.

High Roller

Price: $51

Address: 3545 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: You can get cocktails and city views on this towering Ferris wheel that serves as an observation deck.


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