YouTube Is Looking For Canadians To Feature In Their New Sundance Film Festival Movie

Ready for your close up?
YouTube Is Looking For Canadians To Feature In Their New Sundance Film Festival Movie

It's your time to shine! If you think back to ten years ago, you may remember a project called Life in a Day — a documentary that tells the story of a single day on Earth from various perspectives. A decade later, a sequel to the project is being made, and you have the chance to star in it.

The documentary comes from the minds of director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of ScotlandOne Day in September, and Whitney), and executive producers Kai Hsuing (Lords of Chaos), and Ridley Scott (The Martain).

A press release sent to Narcity reveals that on July 25, citizens from all over the world are welcome to pick up their video camera and film their submissions.

Selected footage from what is submitted will be used in the documentary as the creator's attempt to show what an ordinary day looks like during these extraordinary times.

"Following the success of the 2010 documentary, this is an important moment to revisit this inventive film concept with Ridley and Kevin,” Global Head of Original Content for YouTube, Susanne Daniels said in the release.

"This project truly demonstrates the uniqueness of YouTube by showcasing the power of the human experience told through the eyes and cameras of individuals around the world.” 

Submissions will be open from July 25 until August 2 and can be sent to this link.

Once completed, the documentary will premiere at the Sundance Film Fest and on YouTube in 2021.

“Making the first 'Life In A Day' was one of the most joyful and eye-opening experiences of my life," Macdonald said.

"Contributors were generous enough to share often quite intimate moments from their lives as part of a huge, life-affirming, film-making experiment."

"I am thrilled, ten years later, that we are making 'Life In A Day 2020.' In that time, how have we changed? How has our relationship to filming ourselves changed?" he added.

If you're interested in being a part of this historic project, make sure to have your camera handy on July 25.

You can check out the call-to-action trailer for Life In A Day 2020 below.