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Phoenix Homes For Sale Include This Frank Lloyd Wright Circular House With Sunset Views

Do you want to live in a real-life masterpiece? There are tons of Phoenix homes for sale, but there are none like this. You can get the best sunset views right from the living room. 

If you've never watched the sun go down in your pajamas, then prepare for the ultimate slumber party where sunsets will literally light up the room.  

According to the listing, this Circular Sun House was one of the last designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an esteemed architect known for his unique designs.

Nestled in the neighborhood of Palm Canyon, this abode has fabulous desert views. 

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With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, curved walls, many patios, and a crescent moon-shaped pool, it's hard to believe that this spot is in the middle of the desert!

If circles are your favorite shapes, then you'll love it.

The curved living room has enormous windows with views of the city, timeless decor, and tons of natural light that give the space an airy feel. 

David Rose | Chandler Infinity

The kitchen boasts the same circular design with stainless steel appliances and cute half-sun windows that give you glimpses of the backyard. 

It's such a cozy place to whip a meal or have get-togethers with your friends. 

David Rose | Chandler Infinity

One of the most super-cool areas in the 3,095 square foot home might be the backyard.

It boasts the cutest crescent pool, fountain, and seating area if you ever need to tan year-round thanks to the beautiful weather. 

David Rose | Chandler Infinity

With an open floor plan where everything "flows seamlessly from one room to another," you'll get "unobstructed majestic views." 

And it can all be yours for $7,950,000. 

Circular Sun House

Price: $7,950,000

Address: 6836 N. 36th St., Phoenix, AZ

Description: With nearly perfect weather and stunning desert views, this dreamy space can all be yours. 

View Here

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