A Canadian love story! The married couple of nearly a decade first kicked off their romance with a shared love over the city of Toronto and Maynards' Fuzzy Peaches. Now, Steph and Ayesha Curry share three children together and both have successful careers but often still reflect on their roots in The Six.

The point guard for the Golden State Warriors and the celebrity chef first met as teenagers when they attended the same church in North Carolina, per Biography.

Their teenage romance was sparked by a couple of Canadian things that they had in common.

Ayesha was born and raised just outside of Toronto in Markham, Ontario. She lived in the city until she was 14, when her parents and four siblings uprooted their life to the US.

Hubby Steph was born in Akron, Ohio but Biography claims that he mainly spent time in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's the oldest son of NBA player Dell Curry and wife Sonya. Dell's career as a basketball player briefly brought the family to Toronto when Steph was a teenager.

According to The Canadian Press, Dell played for the Toronto Raptors from 1999 to 2002.

During that time, The Star writes that Steph attended Queensway Christian College and played at a gym located in the then-Air Canada Centre. He also participated in youth league games that led to "the infancy of a career that's made him one of the best shooters to ever play in the NBA."

However, when recollecting about his time living in Toronto, Steph has another thing that stands out in his mind.

"This brand called Maynards," the 32-year-old told The Star. "Shout-out to them. I got no skin in the game, I just love their stuff. Every time I go back, I stash up."

The Canadian candy manufacturer makes a variety of sweets but The Star claims that Steph's favourites are Sour Patch Kids and Wine Gums.

However, the future couple bonded over a different flavour of treats. Huffington Post writes that when Ayesha found out Steph loved Maynards as much as her, she gave him a bag of Fuzzy Peaches as a super cute romantic gesture. 

That paired with both of their Toronto backgrounds really helped spark an interest in each other.

Biography claims that Ayesha wasn't allowed to date during high school so their relationship sizzled until they reunited in Los Angeles one night. The 31-year-old briefly lived in the city to kick start her acting career and Steph was in LA for a sports awards show.

Shortly after, Ayesha returned back to her home in Charlotte where her future hubby was attending Davidson College.

The couple got married in July 2011 and had their first daughter Riley in July 2012. Their second daughter Ryan arrived in July 2015, and their son Canon was born in July 2018. 

Now, the family of five live together in California where Ayesha holds a career as a celebrity chef, cookbook author, and TV personality and Steph plays for the Golden State Warriors.