allison kuch

The spouses of American football's elite have signed up to film a YouTube show, Women of the League, featuring NFL wives social media fans are obsessed with.

The confirmed cast includes Allison Kuch (married to Cleveland Browns player, Isaac Rochell), Kym Jackson (engaged to New York Jets player Jeff Smith), Christen Harper (fiancée of Detroit Lions player Jared Goff), Whitney Marie Risner (wife of Denver Broncos star Dalton Risner) and Josie Leinart (married to Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Matt Leinart).

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Cleveland Browns athlete, Isaac Rochell, has gained quite the following on social media, but his wife, Allison Kuch, takes the crown and fans are noticing.

The duo practically screams "couple goals" as they share their lives together online, but followers have gravitated toward Kuch's vlogs and authenticity as an NFL wife. In fact, they love her so much, they refer to Rochell as "Mr. Kuch"...and he's speaking out.

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Cleveland Browns Defensive End, Isaac Rochell, is pretty well-known in the sports world, but his wife, Allison Kuch, is far exceeding in popularity. After all, influencing is one of her jobs and she wears the crown well.

His wife is getting so well-known, people are watching the games, posting them to their stories, and captioning that they are supporting "Mr. Allison Kuch."

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