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Let's face it, driving and owning a car can be expensive — but some Ontario drivers apparently have it worse than others. Depending on where they live, some Ontarians shell out way more on their car insurance than residents of other cities across the province.

My Choice, a company that compares rates for auto insurance, shared in an email to Narcity that while there are many different factors that play into what drives up auto insurance premiums (like your driving record and the kind of car that you drive), your postal code also "plays a very significant role." Ah, postal code discrimination.

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There's nothing quite like getting your full licence and hitting the road on your own for the first time. But that excitement is quickly overshadowed by the costs that come along with it — and let's face it, Ontario car insurance can be pretty pricey.

However, while rates typically run high in areas around the GTA, some cities across the province pay way less than others.

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If you love a good road trip, Canada is absolutely the place to be. This country has gorgeous scenic routes tucked into every single one of its provinces, and they only get better in autumn. From Yukon to Nova Scotia, Canada transforms into a cozy autumn wonderland showing off the most beautiful fall colours.

Exploring these colourful scenes can be as easy as jumping in your car and hitting the road. With plenty of idyllic road-trip routes to explore across the country, you can sit back and admire stunning autumn views no matter where you're headed. But before you buckle up for your fall venture, you've got to ensure your car is road-trip ready. You can never be too safe — who knows what could happen?

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