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The warm months make for an ideal time to hop in your car and get out of the city to explore. If you're lucky enough to be in Alberta, a road trip is a great way to see everything from hot spots to hidden gems.

The cost of fueling your car shouldn't hold you back from getting out there, which is why Mucho Burrito wants to help with their "Fuel Up and Go" contest.

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A new study has found the world's most affordable cities and, somehow, a bunch of Canadian cities made the list. With one Canuck metropolis even making it into the global top five!

Put together by the Urban Reform Institute and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, the report has calculated the affordability of 92 cities from around the world using something called a "median multiple."

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Edmonton Police have confirmed that seven people initially charged with attempted murder will face upgraded charges now that a teenager has died.

Officers were called to McNally High School at 2:44 p.m. on April 8 after the report of an assault on a 16-year-old man.

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A conspiracy theory on social media that images of firefighters at the scene of a bombing in Ukraine are actually from a fire in Edmonton has been debunked — and there's actually a pretty simple reason why.

Social media users spotted a firefighter in Ukraine wearing a jacket with "Edmonton" written on the back. The footage, used by CNN in the aftermath of a Russian attack on a fuel storage site in Lviv, Ukraine, sparked a theory that the images were fake.

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People in Edmonton are complaining that their drinking water smells and tastes "extra-chlorine-y" at the moment and there's actually a pretty good explanation why.

Users on Twitter said it smells "like the wave pool" at the West Edmonton Mall but, according to experts, it's caused by the time of year.

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