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The government's promise to double the GST credit has finally come to fruition and the higher payments are going out starting November 4.

This development started back in October, when the government passed the Cost of Living Relief Act, which, among other things, increased the GST tax credits.

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To help make life more affordable for Canadians, the federal government has laid out several new benefits designed to help with the cost of housing, dental care and more.

Back in September, the feds proposed new legislation that would "double the GST Credit for six months, introduce the Canada Dental Benefit, and top-up the Canada Housing Benefit."

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The federal government is reminding students about the money they can get with Canada Student Grants to help pay for education costs like tuition.

Now that students are back on university and college campuses, Canada's minister of employment, workforce development and disability inclusion shared on Twitter that there is still support for students from the government.

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This year, the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is getting a boost and eligible families will be able to get almost $7,000 towards the cost of raising children.

The increase was announced back in July, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirming that qualifying families would be able to get more money from the feds to help with childcare costs for those under the age of 18.

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Check your bank accounts, parents! The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is getting a boost in 2022 and payments have gone up already.

In a video message shared on Wednesday, July 20, PM Justin Trudeau confirmed that CCB payments had increased effective "today."

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