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If you've got little ones who are currently getting in their first teeth, a recent Health Canada recall may be of interest to you.

On Monday, October 3, the government agency issued a consumer product recall for bblüv Gümi Water-Filled Teethers due to a hazard in the form of "microbial contamination."

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While we can all be very proud of Canada's free health care, it seems access to it is something we're less excited about.

As per a duo of surveys whose results were released on September 7 and 8 by the polling company Angus Reid Institute, some Canadians are feeling pretty underconfident about their access to Canada's health care services.

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Food safety is important, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) keeps an updated list of items that have been recalled in Canada, of which there have been several recently.

According to the government agency, some of the newest food recalls have microbial contamination in the form of listeria and E. coli, while others have undeclared items which could be a potential trigger for those with allergies or sensitivities.

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Some fake Viagra and Cialis drugs were just seized from a store in the GTA, so you might want to listen up if you think you have bought some.

Health Canada issued a press release on Thursday, August 25, regarding the counterfeit erectile dysfunction drugs that were found at the Grace Daily Mart on Ellesmere Road in Scarborough.

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Baby teethers have been recalled in Canada because of microbial contamination that could cause illness in some children.

Health Canada posted on August 22, 2022, that Water-Filled Teethers and Teether Keys from Tootsie Baby are being taken out of the market for containing a microbial hazard.

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