mcdonalds secret menu

Did you know there’s an entire secret menu at McDonald’s, and you can get yourself the ultimate brunch sandwich if you say the right thing to the McDonald’s employee?

Most people probably didn’t know about the secret menu, but one TikToker is coming in hot with “fast-food secrets,” and you’ll want to jot this one down.

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A McDonald's franchise in Alberta is revealing some secret menu items on TikTok, plus some behind-the-scenes content that people are loving.

The TikTok account highlighting all the insider McD's information is called @mcdonaldschirpfoods. The Chirp website said that it's "one of Canada's largest McDonald's franchisees and one of the largest employers of young people in southern Alberta."

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McDonald's menus vary across the world, with specialty items regularly coming and going.

Limited edition offerings are often regionally inspired and made available to lucky customers with a location nearby that offers them, with prices and availability fluctuating depending on the time of year.

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