A TikToker Shared The Ultimate McDonald's Secret Menu Item & Breakfast Lovers Are Shook

Even McDonald's employees don't know about this hack!

A TikToker with a McDonald's basket of fries. Right: A TikToker sharing the secret menu hack.
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A TikToker with a McDonald's basket of fries. Right: A TikToker sharing the secret menu hack.

Did you know there’s an entire secret menu at McDonald’s, and you can get yourself the ultimate brunch sandwich if you say the right thing to the McDonald’s employee?

Most people probably didn’t know about the secret menu, but one TikToker is coming in hot with “fast-food secrets,” and you’ll want to jot this one down.

TikToker Jordan Howlett stitched a video of another TikToker, in which she shares that there’s an option to buy “a whole basket of fries at McDonald’s,” and one-upped her with another menu option most people likely don’t know about.

“I don’t think you guys understand just how much knowledge I have about fast food secrets because I literally started a club in college called the Fast Food Secrets Club,” Howlett began his video.

He confirmed that you can “absolutely get a basket of fries at McDonald's,” but then came through with something even better and started spilling his secrets.


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“You want to know what else you can get? McDonald's has a secret menu,” Howlett says.

"If you go to McDonald's around the time breakfast ends, and lunch begins you can order what is called a McBrunch burger.”

Yes, you heard that right. There’s literally a brunch burger at McDonald’s, and we’ve all been settling with the Egg McMuffin for all these years.

“A McBrunch burger is a double cheeseburger with hash browns, eggs and bacon all on the border all at one time,” Howlett reveals.

“Yes, they’re probably annoyed if you order it, but it is a real thing.”

The video, which now has almost 20 million views caught the attention of a lot of people, including some McDonald's employees who chimed in on the video.

One commenter who claims to be an employee wrote, “Me: works at McDonald’s Also Me: *has never heard of these*,” which received over 20,000 likes.

“That McBrunch burger hits hard,” wrote another user. “As a former McDonald’s employee, I used to do this during my break”

Another person claiming to be an employee wrote, “I worked at a McDonald’s for 3 years, and had no idea of this! I need to try it.”

Even a McDonald's employee from Canada chimed in, and they came bearing bad news.

“I work at McDonald’s in Canada, and you can’t get a basket of fries, nor can you get a McBrunch burger…,” read the comment.

Although, you could just instruct the employee to make you the burger since Canadian McDonald's does serve all the ingredients that come in a McBrunch burger.

And if you’re worried about being annoying, then you can just order all the components of the burger and make it yourself!

One TikTok user actually tried ordering the McBrunch burger and shared their experience in the comment section of the video.

“I tried to order a McBrunch Burger at the drive-thru, and bro said, “imma be honest I ain’t doing all that,” read the comment.

Have you ever heard of the McBrunch Burger?

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.