Alberta TikToker Is Revealing McDonald's Secret Menu Items & They Look So Good (VIDEOS)

They also shared some hacks for your next McDonald's run!

McDonald's manager showing secret menu item. Right: McDonald's employee making a McFlurry.

McDonald's manager showing secret menu item. Right: McDonald's employee making a McFlurry.

A McDonald's franchise in Alberta is revealing some secret menu items on TikTok, plus some behind-the-scenes content that people are loving.

The TikTok account highlighting all the insider McD's information is called @mcdonaldschirpfoods. The Chirp website said that it's "one of Canada's largest McDonald's franchisees and one of the largest employers of young people in southern Alberta."

The TikTok account has videos of a Calgary McDonald's manager doing everything from having fun with the staff to revealing some hacks.

People on TikTok are loving the behind-the-scenes look at the Alberta McDonald's and what they offer up. Some are even jealous since their local McDonald's apparently won't go that extra mile.

One of the secret menu items the TikTok account shared was a tasty-looking apple-pie McFlurry.

In the TikTok, an employee adds a McDonald's apple pie to the ice cream along with some caramel, using the McFlurry machine to mix it in. The result? A Caramel Apple Pie McFlurry, which apparently, "only employees make."


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The TikTok encouraged people to ask for one on their next visit, but some people in the comments weren't so optimistic.

"My local McDonald's can't even get a soda order right, you think I want to request a multi step order," one TikToker wrote.

One person asked if all stores made it, and the account replied that theirs does, "but if a store says they can't just order an apple pie and a McFlurry with caramel and add the pie to it after!"

The next secret item was a Coke McFloat, and the video showed the store manager whipping up the creation.


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People were here for the idea. "That's so good," one person wrote in the comments.

Next up was a Mango Pineapple Milkshake, which is ice cream mixed with a mango pineapple smoothie.


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People were also loving the hacks the manager was giving tutorials for.


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So, if you're at a Calgary McDonald's anytime soon, you know what to do!

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.