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plane crash

TikTok videos posted by a cabin crew member onboard the ill-fated Yeti Airlines flight that crashed in Nepal are now going viral, and people are paying tribute to the young woman.

Flight attendant Oshin Magar was among the 71 victims in Sunday's plane crash near the new Pokhara airport, reported Hindustan Times.

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An unusual occurrence delayed Ontario commuters on Monday after a small plane crashed and landed on a road near Toronto.

According to York Regional Police (YRP), the incident occurred on 16th avenue in Markham, which also houses Buttonville Municipal Airport, and has resulted in at least one road closure.

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Flight data and voice recorders have been recovered after a plane crashed in Nepal on Sunday.

The BBC reports that 72 passengers and crew were on the Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal when the plane crashed. No one is believed to have survived.

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A plane carrying at least 126 people crash-landed at Miami International Airport on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. when it skidded along the runway before catching fire due to the impact.

The plane's front landing gear failed and collapsed as it inched closer to the runway, which caused the crash, airport authorities told the Associated Press.

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Flight data suggests the China Eastern plane crash that killed 132 people in March was caused by an "intentional" act in the cockpit.

U.S. officials say they've taken a first pass at data from the crashed flight's black box, and it suggests that the controls were deliberately adjusted to put the flight into a steep dive before the crash, reported the Wall Street Journal.

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