service dog

TikTok is full of both heartwarming and moving pet stories all over. While many will make us crack a smile, others will have us bawling our eyes out.

A recent social media post by U.S.-based airline Southwest about Kaya, a German Shepherd service dog, has gone viral and has users sobbing and expressing their gratitude to the animal after it was announced that she was taking her final trip back home.

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Cuteness alert! Two sweet lil' Canadian pups were recently featured on the mega-popular Instagram account WeRateDogs, and they both got a 14/10.

On Saturday, May 21, the social media account showcased the two youngsters from the BC & Alberta Guide Dogs.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Waterloo Regional Police are investigating an alleged incident where a man and his service dog were forced out of a restaurant.

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