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Credit and debit card skimmers were found at three Compass vending machines in Metro Vancouver, and transit police are now investigating.

The card skimmer devices are used to obtain personal information — such as your credit card number — from the card used for the payment.

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Vancouver transportation is set to look super different by 2050, and TransLink just released illustrations of it.

The pictures will send you into the future, where there are basically no cars on the streets of Vancouver, B.C. — and therefore no traffic!

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Vancouverites looking to go green by getting rid of their old car can now get a TransLink Compass Card that's preloaded with $800.

The deal comes from a partnership with SCRAP-IT — a not-for-profit focused on clean transportation initiatives — to encourage people to trade in fossil fuels for cleaner transportation.

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We all want to love transit. Who wouldn't want to? What if we lived in a city where the bus was always on time? When will we be able to trust that our train won't break down? Where does all the funding go? Why don't we Uber yet?

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