Looks Like The Second 'Storm Big Cat Rescue' Event Was A Total Flop Too

There weren't many cool cats and kittens...
Storm Tampa Big Cat Rescue Facebook Event Appears To Not Have Been Very Successful

Netflix’s hit docuseries Tiger King fascinated fans across the world when it aired earlier this year, invoking a gambit of emotions in viewers. Some watchers were so outraged at the alleged deeds of Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin, that they even organized an event to storm the sanctuary. While the first attempt wasn’t much of a success, the second scheduled storming seemed to fall shorter, still.

Narcity spoke with event organizers Chad Blankman and Randy Baker, who in the face of inclement weather and rising COVID-19 cases in Florida, had no intention of canceling the event, which was set for Friday, July 10.

The Facebook event had captivated the interest of 5,300 people on social media, showing that 1,500 were looking to attend.

Blankman told Narcity that on a separate private page, 4,700 were confirmed to be going. He declined to share the private page, as he felt it could be a way for Baskin to find out information on the event.

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Comments in the discussion section on the day of the event show a lack of communication and overall confusion about what was supposed to transpire.

Several people posted asking, "Where is everyone?", "Soo what happened?", and "So y’all doing it or nah?", but did not receive replies from organizers.

Narcity editor Cassandra Douglas attended another event back in May, which was coordinated by different fans and suggested that attendees storm the rescue as an elite force of "Naruto runners."

The event only saw a handful of people attend while the event's page showed that 2,100 people planned to show up. Douglas also spotted the Tiger Queen herself going on a bike ride right when the event was scheduled to take place.

While the July affair was originally intended to honor Joe Exotic, the rival zookeeper depicted in the series, it seems the good intentions couldn’t quite be organized enough to fulfill the storm.

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