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New Toronto Restaurants That You Need To Try This Summer

If Toronto has an abundance of one thing, it's good restaurants, and the city just got seven more spots for you to try on your next night out.

So if you are feeling a little sick of your tried and true go-to restaurant, you might want to branch out to one of these seven new options that have just opened or are about to open in the city.

Beertown Public House

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Pub fare

Address: 125 Wellington St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you love beer on tap, pub eats and a relaxed environment, this might be a great spot to spend the weekend.


The Milkman Creamery

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Dessert

Address: 8339 Kennedy Rd., Unit 2157, Unionville, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can eat towering amounts of ice cream and participate in a food challenge.


1 Hotel Restaurants

Price: 💸💸 –💸💸💸

Cuisine: Multiple

Address: 550 Wellington St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: 1 Hotel is opening up four new restaurants and bars, including Casa Madera, Flora Lounge, 1 Kitchen and Harriet's Rooftop. The new locations all offer different cuisines like farm-to-table brunch and Mexican and Mediterranean dishes, so you can check multiple off your bucket list on one night!


Members Only Waffle House

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Waffles

Address: 592 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: To try waffles that are as naughty as they are tasty.


Delysées Luxury Desserts Ltd

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Desserts

Address: TBD (Ossington Avenue)

Why You Need To Go: This fan favourite dessert spot is reopening its doors at a new location, and you can finally visit them for a macaron or two!


Brass Monkey

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Seafood

Address: Spadina and Queens Quay

Why You Need To Go: You can eat seafood on a ship docked in Queens Quay for a limited time only. This pop-up restaurant on Empire Sandy is sure to be a fun night out on the water.


EPOCH Bar & Kitchen Terrace

Price: TBD

Cuisine: Seasonal farm to table

Address: 181 Wellington St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: This new joint is opening on September 1 with an emphasis on organic eats so you can indulge knowing you are eating the freshest ingredients.


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