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You Can Finally Go Full Coffee Snob At This Gorgeous Ontario Farmhouse

Roast your own beans in this brew-tiful hidden paradise!

Coffee > everything. If you’ve bean waiting for a way to show the caffeine fanatic in your life that you love them a latte, we’ve found just the thing. You can roast your own coffee beans in Ontario at this unique shop hidden in the woods and it’s so dreamy.

Located roughly three hours from Toronto in Essex, Ont., 14th Coffee Co. is a complete coffee lover's paradise, the likes of which even Lorelai Gilmore would approve of. 

Your roasting experience will start with a cup o’ joe just the way you like it. 

You can choose from lattes, cappuccinos, pour-overs, americanos, cold brews, and more. Yum!

While you sip on your little cup of happiness you will get to witness the entire roasting process, starting with fresh green coffee beans.

During this journey, you’ll be enveloped in the delicious scent of roasting coffee, which honestly sounds like a dream. 

Next, you’ll go on a tour of the property which will lead you to the breathtaking on-site greenhouse where you can enjoy another complimentary cup and a seasonal meal straight from the garden.

After dinner, visitors can head back to the shop to sample some of your freshly roasted brew.

The roasting experience can be booked through Airbnb and will cost you $80 at the time of writing. 

You can go in groups of six or fewer, but you must be 18 or older to attend.

And there's more than just morning fuel on offer here.

Gorgeous wooden walls and an old record player give this farmhouse coffee shop combo a truly vintage feel that’s normally pretty tough to find.

The surrounding forests, barn, eclectic greenhouse, '50s truck, and vintage Airstream only add to the good vibes.

And with all that going on, you’re going to want to remember your camera.

So go ahead, espresso you love for coffee with this totally unique roasting experience in Ontario.

Roasting Experience @ 14th Coffee Co.

Price: $80 per person

When: Saturdays & Sundays

Address: Essex, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can let your inner coffee snob thrive at this gorgeous farmhouse coffee shop in Ontario. Freshly roasted coffee, here we come.