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COVID-19 has cleared out our beloved PATH system. The massive commercial hive under Toronto's downtown core was so quiet this morning, like a scene straight out of John Krasinski's A Quiet Place.

The pandemic has clearly taken its toll on this system that connects dozens of office buildings to the hundreds of shops. So what's it look like down there now, you ask?

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Walking through such a vast underground system and being the only person in it is strange, but sort of magical too.

Even during what would be the morning rush, only a few souls are braving this commercial apocalypse.

The PATH used to be one of the places people would wait out bad weather, but even the rain this morning didn’t seem to drive anyone underground.

The food courts have also been hit hard, of course, as indoor dining is no longer allowed.

Signs throughout the PATH system recommend social distancing; it's really not a problem down here.

While many shops have signs indicating reduced or new hours, some have completely cleared out.

Other closed stores are still full of stuff. So technically you can still window shop.

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