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Visiting Tim Horton's Toronto Grave Is The Most Canadian Thing You Can Do This Halloween

Go with a box of Timmy's own Halloween donuts to pay your respects
Visiting Tim Horton's Toronto Grave Is The Most Canadian Thing You Can Do This Halloween

The first thing you notice when you find Tim Horton's final resting place in Toronto is that Tim wasn't his real name.

The large granite memorial lists his as "M.G (Tim) Horton," and the M.G. stood for Miles Gilbert. (Picture the alternative universe in which you order a box of 50 Gilbits.)

You can learn a few other things about the man behind the most Canadian brand there is (despite the fact that Americans own it now) as you sit in front of his grave this Halloween with a double-double to warm your hands.

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1930-1974 RIP Tim Horton

He's buried at York Cemetery, just a 4-minute walk from the North York Centre subway station.

You can find him with the cemetery's helpful Find a Grave service, and if you bring a blanket, you can fire up your phone and read all about the man who not only gave us the donuts we love, but is still considered one of the best hockey players of all time.

If you've brought a box of Timmy's Halloween donuts, you can name the spooky spider ones Miles and the scary skeleton ones Gilbert, and raise a toast to man who brought hockey and donuts together in the greatest innovation since the not-totally-unrelated other great Canadian innovation: insulin.

And when you're done your sceance with Tim, if you do a 180 and walk across the path to the other big memorial with the slightly lob-sided crosses, you can visit the last Grand Duchess of Russia, Olga Alexandrovna, who died in Toronto in 1960.

But that's a whole other Halloween story.

York Cemetery closes at 6pm. On Halloween, the sun sets at 6:09pm. 

Tim Horton's Grave

Price: Free

When: 8am-6pm; 5:30pm closing from November 1

Address: 160 Beecroft Rd.

Why You Need To Go: Tim's an icon and on Halloween, there's no better place to be than a graveyard.

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