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11 Canadian Junk Foods You Have To Try At Least Once

How many of them have you tried?🤤
11 Popular Canadian Snacks You Have To Try At Least Once

When it comes to our great country, we have so much more than just poutine and maple flavoured everything. You might not even realize that some of your favourite treats are actually a national treasure. Get ready to start feeling hungry, as we gathered up the most popular Canadian snacks that everyone needs to try at least once.  

What is your go-to snack? Are you on team sweet or salty?

No matter if you prefer a bag of chips for your Netflix binge-watching session or a sugary dessert for your snack, we got you covered.

It is time to stock up on these delicious bites, so you'll be ready the next time hunger hits. We know we love trying new things to eat.

Many of the items on the list can be bought from your local grocery store, and are super cheap. Or, you can get them from a fast food restaurant close to your home.

While the classic Nanaimo bar is so simple to make, you don't even need to put them in the oven. But we won't judge if you "cheat" and use a box kit.

How many of the 11 Canadian junk foods have you tried below?


Why You Need To Try It: Did you know in the U.S. Smarties are hard sugary candies we call rockets? But we prefer these candy covered bite-sized chocolate pieces that are similar to M&Ms.

Nanaimo Bars

Why You Need To Try It: If you haven't had Nanaimo Bars before, you need to stop everything and whip up a batch right now. They are so easy to make as you don't even need to use your oven.

Inside there is a chocolate coconut layer topped with custard and then a decadent chocolate ganache

Ketchup Chips

Why You Need To Try It: Here in Canada, Ketchup Chips are a movie night staple. The taste is similar to dunking your french fries in ketchup but the texture is crispier.

Jos Louis

Why You Need To Try It: A gigantic chocolate layered cake to go, you won't believe how large it is. Jos Louis has two layers of moist cake, with a vanilla icing filling and coated in milk chocolate shell.

Butter Tarts

Why You Need To Try It: This classic Canadian dessert is filled with sugary goodness. It has a buttery pastry that has a nice flaky crust and a gooey brown sugar filling.

Ah Caramel

Why You Need To Try It: Chances are you might have found this package cake in your lunch box growing up in Canada. They are light sponge cakes that have a caramel and icing filling, that is covered in a chocolate shell.

Coffee Crisp

Why You Need To Try It: Did you know Coffee Crisp bars are Canadian? For all of you coffee-addicts, this chocolate bar is sure to make you smile. It has a blend of crispy wafters and a subtle coffee flavour covered in chocolate.

All Dressed Chips

Why You Need To Go: Unable to choose which chip flavour is best? Why not try them all? All Dressed is a blend of your favourite flavours like BBQ, ketchup, plus salt and vinegar all in one.


Why You Need To Go: Named after an iconic Canadian, a BeaverTail is a fried dough pastry that looks like their flat tails. On top, you can get all sorts of delicious toppings like chocolate, but our favourite is the classic with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice.


Why You Need To Go: Canadians can't get enough of Tim Hortons one bite donuts, that there is even a cereal version.

Hickory Sticks

Why You Need To Go: If you like BBQ chips, you'll want to give these crispy, crunchy, hickory-smoked flavoured sticks a try. They're strangely addictive.

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