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12 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Regardless Of Your Relationship Status

Because, yes, you can be your own Valentine.
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12 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Regardless Of Your Relationship Status

It's nearly Cupid's time to shine. As the first Valentine's Day in lockdown for most of Canada, 2021's day of love might not be enjoyed the way it typically is, whether you're happily single, in an "it's complicated" situation, secure in a relationship or married.

If you're unsure how to celebrate — or spend the day, if you aren't really celebrating at all — it may be time to grab a fine French wine, like Félix & Lucie, and embrace a little passion. Regardless of your relationship status, there are tons of fun activities you can do. 

If You're Happily Single

Buy Yourself A Plant

Though Valentine's is hyped up as the day to expect gifts from someone else, whether you're selectively single or on a journey of independence, you can still show love to the person who matters most: yourself.

Put a spin on an old classic by treating yourself to a lively plant companion instead of a bouquet of roses that will slowly die in a vase over the next week or two. Pick your favourite bloom and brighten up your space with a fresh floral scent that will last over the seasons — talk about true love!

While you're at it, why not treat yourself and dig into a box (or two) of chocolates? You've earned it.

Organize A Physically Distant Palentine's Exchange

The last year wouldn't have been the same without phone calls, Zoom dates, and physically distant meetups with those we cherish most: our pals. Make it Palentine's day and set up a gift exchange to leave at each others' doorsteps. Have a large group? Do it secret-Santa style to make it easy on the wallet.

If you're not sure what to grab, pick up a few candy hearts and a great bottle of wine. Featuring flavours of melon, white flowers and citrus, Félix & Lucie's Sauvignon Blanc is an affordable choice sure to be enjoyed by any white-wine lover.

Ground Yourself In Nature

Dedicate some time to destressing and taking care of yourself by planning a solo excursion to a nearby park or trail. Set up an itinerary, pack a snack, bundle up, and enjoy a little solitude. If you've got a beloved furball, let your pup join your day excursion.

For the ultimate outdoor resetting session, spend time reflecting, setting goals or listening to your fave playlist or podcast.

If "It's Complicated"

Treat Each Other To Some Sweets 

Sometimes the best way to show you care (a little? A lot? Who knows at this point in the game?) is to give some space. If you're looking for an easy yet tasty alternative to show some affection without spending the day together, send your beau or gal a little treat package with chocolates, gummies or other candies they like.

It's an inexpensive but thoughtful way to subtly remind them that you're there... waiting.

Cook An Un-Valentine's Meal Together 

Have you just started seeing someone and the idea of fully celebrating a romantic holiday is a little too much at this stage?

Plan to spend the night cooking a meal together — an intentionally un-Valentine's night of food, bevvies, and casual good times.

Keep It Lowkey With A Fun Game Night

The media may tell you to save your big and flashy declarations of love and commitment for days like Valentine's, but you really don't have to.

Want to participate in celebrations but on a more lowkey level? Plan a casual date night. Picture it: pizza, fun games, a great bottle of French Wine, and tons of laughs. Laughs that might make you both realize that taking your "it's complicated" situation to the next level could be a great thing!

If You're In A Relationship

Go For A Relaxing Double-Dip With Loads of Bubbles 

Get a little playful and unwind together in a warm bubble bath. It's basically the excitement of skinny-dipping but in the intimate setting of your own home. Light a few candles, put on your favourite playlist, pop in a colourful bath bomb, and sink into lush, romantic bliss.

Pour a little extra love by washing and drying each other and see how connected you feel.

Netflix & Chill — With A Touch Of Aphrodisiac 

When you've been dating awhile, Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be that big of a deal. Plus, in a year when going out for a romantic dinner may not be an option, why not spice up one of your favourite everyday activities by adding an aromatic and flavourful touch?

Félix & Lucie's Cabernet-Syrah features notes of cocoa, black fruits and rosemary. Pair this medium-bodied with an assortment of strawberries, figs and dark chocolates for a delightfully decadent candlelit snack. Who knows where the night may lead?

Long-Distance Love? Plan A Phone Date

For the lovers that don't live together or even in the same city, travel this year isn't recommended for most of Canada. Switch it up by reconnecting the "old-fashioned" way, via phone, and have a little fun.

While you may be used to video chats, audio calls can feel more intimate and are perfect for those who feel awkward on camera. Feeling less self-conscious can allows you and that special someone to get in touch with one another. It ignites the imagination in a different way and you might just find a new favourite way to spend your evening.

If You're Married

Start A New Tradition, Like A Yearly Couple Portrait

Valentine's at home in 2021 is a great time to find a new way to celebrate, so why not think outside the box and view the day through a whole new lens?

Set the stage in your home and find a tripod or sturdy pile of books to set your phone/camera on. Get familiar with the self-timer option and show your sweet or silly sides for what's sure to be your next most-liked Instagram photo.

Set The Mood With An Array Of Goodies To Satisfy Your Appetite

Channel the city of love or your favourite Parisian bistro by creating your own (vegan or non-vegan) cheese-and-meat board, complete with a nice glass of wine.

Don't forget some olives, grapes, pickles, jams, and a selection of crunchy nibbles. Toss a fuzzy throw and a few pillows on the floor and enjoy an intimate coffee-table date that sets the mood to rekindle your passion for each other.

Celebrate Like The Day You Got Engaged 

If it's already been a few years since one of you put a ring on it, pull out the photo album and reminisce about that special day.

Commemorate that unforgettable milestone by putting up some romantic decor, sharing how you both remember the moment happening, and maybe even discussing how you envision your next decade together. Looking back on the past can be an exciting way to plan the future.

Though Saint Valentine may have been a Roman saint, there's no question that many of us think of the French when it comes to romance.

This year, whether you're into self-love, partnered love or friend love, channel special joie de vivre moments with Félix & Lucie — a wine for lovers of any status. You can buy it now at the LCBO and set the mood.

To learn more about Félix & Lucie, check out their products at your local LCBO or follow them on Instagram.