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7 Fun Games You Can Play Outside With Friends If You're Sick Of Watching Netflix All Day

Let your competitive nature thrive this weekend.

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7 Fun Games You Can Play Outside With Friends If You're Sick Of Watching Netflix All Day
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It's so easy to sit in bed and watch Netflix literally all weekend but now that it's summer, we can't let this incredible weather go to waste no matter how tempting the new season of Lupin is.

Why not get together with some of your friends for some fun and games in your backyard? If you don't have the space for it, you can always meet up at a park or even a beach.

Here are seven ridiculously fun games you can buy online that will make you feel like a kid again.

Franklin Sports Washer Set


Price: $39.67

Details: Washers is a really fun game where you take turns tossing steel washers (which double as bottle openers!) into the centre hole. It gets more and more challenging as you step further back from the target each round. All items in this set are collapsible so you can easily carry it wherever you go.

$39.67 On AMAZON

Spikeball Game Set

Canadian Tire

Price: $79.99

Details: If you're in a group of four, Spikeball is the perfect game to play. It's very similar to volleyball. In pairs of two, you take turns throwing the ball on the net and then the other pair has to do the same without the ball touching the ground. Points are scored when the ball hits the rim, the ground, or bounces more than once on the net.


Kan Jam Original Disc Throwing Game


Price: $58.53

Details: Make your next outdoor party a hit with this awesome disc tossing game. You work in pairs and have to throw the disc at the can and if it hits it, you win two points. If you're a little off, your teammate can help deflect so it hits the can for one point. If your disc lands on the top of the can, you get THREE points!

$58.53 On AMAZON

Wooden Double Ladder Toss Game Set

Home Depot

Price: $63.37

Details: Another awesome backyard game is ladderball! You basically toss a bola so that it lands somewhere on the ladder target. The points you can earn depend on where the bola lands. For example, if it's on the top of the ladder, you get three points. The ladders in this set are made of durable wood so it'll last longer than the plastic version.

$63.37 On HOME DEPOT

Rec-Tek Good Croquet Set

Canadian Tire

Price: $34.99

Details: If you have a ton of space in your backyard, you can challenge your friends to a game of croquet. It's really easy: your objective is to hit your balls through the course of six hoops in each direction. This set from Canadian Tire has enough mallets and balls for four people to play.


Premium Wooden Ring Toss Game

Home Depot

Price: $19.99

Details: Unplug for a little bit and play a round of ring toss outside. You can play solo or with up to four people. This set comes with The game includes one target, four throwing rings and a beige carrying case.

$19.99 On HOME DEPOT

Outbound Horseshoe Toss

Canadian Tire

Price: $49.99

Details: It doesn't get any more old school than this. This classic game of tossing a horseshoe at a stake can be played in your backyard, at the cottage or your favourite park. This set comes with a carrying bag so you can take it anywhere.


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