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7 Classically Canadian Things You Need To Do At Your Cottage Before Summer Ends

Summer's not over 'til the cottage is closed up.

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7 Things To Do At Your Cottage Before Summer Ends

Although the season's sweet embrace comes with many positives (beach days, campfires and lounging lakeside), there's one element no one will miss when winter rolls around: bug bites. According to Thermacell, a survey of Canadians revealed that 70% of responders would spend more time outdoors during the summer months if mosquitoes didn't bother them.

Thermacell entomologist, Benjamin McMillan, says there are three major factors that make summer in cottage country every mosquito's favourite time of year: temperatures between 12 and 20 degrees, recent rainfall and high humidity (60-90%).

Luckily, with powerful repellants like the E55 or Patio Shield from Thermacell, you can celebrate the remainder of summer without mosquitoes. Thermacell's products are odourless and DEET free, so you don't have to worry about strong smells or harmful chemicals while enjoying the great outdoors. Plus, they provide an impressive 15 feet of protection from mosquitoes.

Without mosquitoes to worry about, you can go ahead and plan the perfect weekend. If you need some inspiration, you can check out the list of activities below that'll help you, your friends and your family appreciate every last moment at the cottage.

Go For A Float

On a sweltering hot day, nothing beats lounging around on your favourite inflatable. Choose your adventure — head somewhere with a current, where you can float downstream at your leisure, or chill out in the still water and work on your tan.

Either way, you won't regret getting out the floaties for one last time this summer.

Enjoy Your Favourite Seasonal Drink

From tropical mocktails to fruity cocktails and refreshing seltzers, everyone has their go-to drink at the cottage. You can find easy-to-make recipes online or bring your favourite 6-pack in your cooler.

While enjoying your favourite refreshment outside be sure to turn on your Thermacell so that you can chill out and not have to worry about bug bites the next time you crack open a cold one.

Challenge Your Fam To Yard Games

The beauty of yard games is that no matter who you're playing with, whether it be your grandparents or cousin, chances are that each family member can join in on a game like spike ball, mölkky or washer toss.

Don't forget to bring a deck of cards, either. Would any Canadian cottage trip be the same without a few rounds of cribbage?

Stargaze With Your Pals

7 Things To Do At Your Cottage Before Summer Ends

Mark de Jong | Unsplash

For city dwellers, one of the best parts of escaping to cottage country is the nighttime skies. Before summer comes to a close, gather up some friends, grab a cozy blanket and head to the clearest spot you can find.

If your cottage doesn't have the brightest stars, you can head to one of Canada's 12 designated Dark Sky Preserves and see constellations, planets and even the Milky Way. Don't forget to bring your Thermacell Mosquito Repeller along, too — those suckers love a warm, humid night.

Have An End-Of-Summer BBQ

While you can technically barbecue all year round, gathering around the grill with friends and family by the lake just hits right in summer.

Plus, it's easy to do potluck style. Having your guests contribute something of their own is a great way to take care of dietary requirements and make sure there's plenty of food for everyone.

Go For A Sunset Paddle

Edgar Bullon | Dreamstime

Is there any better way to take in the cotton candy skies? Canada's wide horizons, rugged mountain backdrops, vast lakes and picturesque rivers make this country a haven for anyone who loves to get out on the water — and the sunsets are really something.

Whether you're into kayaking, canoeing or paddleboarding, getting in one last sunset paddle before the water freezes solid is a one-of-a-kind Canadian experience.

Make S'mores Around The Campfire

Kendel Media | Pexels

If summer had an official flavour, s'mores would be in the top 10. They're so much more than a sweet and crunchy treat — s'mores taste like warm nights with loved ones, sitting by a fire and spending time together.

What better way to pay homage to the season than to finish it off with a final s'mores moment?

While saying goodbye to summer may be sad, it's really just "see you later." Rather than focusing on how much you'll miss the season, why not soak up every last second and create memories to last you through the winter months?

As you enjoy everything this season has to offer, remember to bring your trusty Thermacell products along — because pesky mosquitoes are the last thing you should be focusing on as the warm weather comes to a close.

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