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9 Free Activities You Can Do With Your Favourite Person During Winterlude

From fun workshops to virtual shows and more.
9 Free Activities You Can Do With Your Favourite Person During Winterlude
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For over 40 years, Canadians have delighted in the joys of winter through the many activities and events taking place as part of the famously magical Winterlude. The global pandemic has limited our options when it comes to romantic outings. To help remedy our collective state of boredom, this highly anticipated event has quickly adapted. 

By becoming virtual, Winterlude now offers a wide range of things to do, places to visit, and sights to see — right from your own home. During the most romantic of months, it's exciting to find new ways to share some laughs and create new memories with your special someone.

Things To Do

Enjoy Some Ice-Carving Workshops

The lockdown shouldn't be a reason to stop living. There are still a lot of things you can do, even if it requires a little more creativity than usual. On the upside, you'll be able to take part in some whimsical entertainment right in your own backyard.

The Winterlude app gives users access to simple workshops that'll help them discover the art of ice-carving. They can also tune in for the first-ever virtual National Ice-Carving Competition. If creating ice sculptures of you and your significant other seems too daunting, try your hand at building snowmen instead!

Have Fun In The Kitchen With Tasty New Recipes 

Cooking can be a relaxing activity to help you reconnect with your better half. Plus, it can also be pretty romantic too. Spice up your routine by learning how to bake classics like molasses cookies and bread through Winterlude's food workshops.

You can also check out mixologist Quinn Taylor's recipe for grog, a cocktail that's just as delicious served warm or over ice. Get your taste buds ready.

Capture The Heart Of Your One True Love With A Serenade

Writing a song for the person you love is without a doubt one of the most romantic ways to profess your feelings. But since we're not all blessed with the musical talents of Leonard Cohen or Bryan Adams, some of us would gladly welcome a few pro tips to get started.

Once again, Winterlude has a workshop for that, hosted by none other than Juno Award-winning artist Andrina Turenne. So tune your guitar and get plucking!

Put Your Body To The Test

If you and your S/O share a love for sports, find a nearby skating rinkto take on any of Winterlude's challenges, like the classique du ruisseau de la Brasserie. The goal here is to score two hockey pucks in two receptacles placed two metres apart in less than 15 minutes.

You'll quickly find out who's the more competitive one in your couple.

Shake It Off With A Big Bang "Robot House Party"

Why not end the night by dancing until you can no longer stand? The Big Bang festival is bringing Kid Koala's killer beats to your living room. Take note, this party does have a fun optional dress code.

You can both let your creativity run wild as you try fashioning robot costumes out of random household items (like cardboard boxes, clothes hangers, bike helmets, etc.) before joining the Zoom party and your new robot friends.

Places To Visit

Get Your Art Fix Through These Virtual Exhibits

While you can't currently stroll around museums, there are lots of virtual exhibits to discover. Many institutions, including the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Canadian Museum of Nature, are hosting online visits of their collections.

You and your special someone can spend quality time together, enriching your knowledge of Canadian heritage and culture.

Experience Gatineau's Downtown Poetic Trail

A few years ago, the city of Gatineau set up a cultural trail composed of literary quotes from the works of local authors. Discover 15 passages and the artists who wrote them as you and your love look for the plaques on which they're immortalized along the Downtown Poetic Trail.

As for those who don't live in the region, they can explore the path through the Winterlude app.

Sights To See

Exploring Canada's Winter Traditions, A Virtual Show

Cuddle up together and press play on the Exploring Canada's Winter Traditions virtual show. Tune in from your smartphone, tablet or flat screen and let an epic lineup of Canadian artists entertain you for the evening.

Vibe to the music of Ria Mae, William Prince, Masson Stomp, Tracy Trash and more before admiring some incredible ice sculptures.

Virtual Fireworks

Why not give that special someone in your life the unique experience of a private fireworks show with full visibility right at your fingertips?

Winterlude's mobile app allows you to illuminate your home with thousands of shimmering lights and set the stage for romance.

Whether you prefer relaxing with a virtual show or going outside to enjoy the simple pleasures of winter, make the most of these magical moments with your favourite person.

You'll find all the inspiration you need to organize a fun-filled day of activities on Winterlude's app. Download it on your smartphone to check out the event's full program.


Price: Free

When: Until February 21, 2021.

Why You Need To Go: Find different activities to enjoy with your S/O either online or IRL. Download the app to discover all that Winterlude has to offer.

To learn more about Winterlude, check out the Government of Canada's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Elodie Lima
Rédactrice pigiste, Studio