A TikToker Shared A Simple Way To Get Into Couponing In Canada & It's So Easy To Save (VIDEO)

Paying full price for groceries? So 2013. 💰

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TikToker @livingonaloonie explaining how to get into couponing.

TikToker @livingonaloonie explaining how to get into couponing.

If you're looking to save money in 2023, it might be time to check out the couponing scene in Canada.

Over on TikTok, the account @livingonaloonie gives all kinds of helpful advice on how to eke out savings and she recently gave a rundown of simple way to start finding and collecting discounts on popular items.

"So let me show you an easy way that you can get coupons mailed directly to your house," said the self-described veteran couponer.

She explained that one of the easiest ways to score a coupon is to simply go to the website of your favourite company and see if they have any in the promo section of their website.

She then demonstrated how to do exactly that and how that gave her a $4 coupon for Chapman's ice cream.

"But here's what a lot of people don't know," she explained. "If you go to your favourite company's website, and there's nothing that mentioned coupons, go to the Contact Us page and simply just write them a small letter. 'Hey, I love your products. I'm Canadian. I'm wondering if there's any coupons that you mail out to customers.'"

The TikToker said that people would be "surprised how many companies actually say yes."


Looking to save money in 2023? Try couponing! Reach out to your favourite brands and ask if they have any coupons they will mail you. Worst they can do is say no. I have compiled a list at the end of companies who said yes last year. #livingonaloonie #canadiancouponer #couponingincanada #canadianfinances

As well, to make would-be couponers' lives "a little easier," she even put together a list of which companies she was able to get coupons from.

It included a colour-coded spreadsheet which denoted if she got the coupon via reaching out over social media, through a program the company offered, or just through their website.

The list featured popular brands such as Aveeno, Kicking Horse, Pampers, Purina, Reactine, Enfamil, Ensure, Huggies and Similac.

Hey, diapers, coffee, baby formula and pet food are expensive — get those coupons, folks!

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