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Air Canada Is Having A Huge Sale & Flights To Literally Anywhere Are All 25% Off

Taking a vacation this year might not be at the top of everyone's to-do list. However, a current Air Canada sale might change some minds. The airline is offering a 25% discount on fares, and there's no limit to where you can go.

From now through August 20, travellers can get a quarter of their base ticket price discounted on trips booked through Air Canada's website

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There is also no limit on destinations. If the flight leaves from Canada, then the discount is valid, no matter where you're headed.

Not only that, but the sale can also get you a cheaper seat in both Premium Economy and Business Class as well.

However, the airline notes on its website that this 25% off deal does not apply to flights that are already discounted.

It also says that some of these flights are already less expensive than they would be with the latest offer applied to them.

Trips that are eligible for the discount must be taken between September 2 of this year and June 30, 2021.

That means you can plan further ahead for a potential vacation — maybe even one to celebrate the end of 2020.

There is a maximum of nine passengers per booking, and the discount only applies to the base fare, not any applicable surcharges or tax. Multi-city itineraries will not be part of the offer.

The Canadian airline, which has struggled financially due to the ongoing pandemic, saw its revenue decline by nearly 90% this year.

It has been doing a lot to make big changes, including a major overhaul of the Aeroplan program coming later this year.

Members will be able to use their points on any seat that is available with no restrictions. They can also be applied toward surcharges for things like in-flight Wi-Fi.

Air Canada also introduced a domestic flight pass, which allows passengers to pay a one-time fee for four or eight domestic one-way flights. It's available until September 1 and valid for 15 months.