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The Guy Who Married His Silicone Girlfriend Says He'd Actually Like Even More Wives

He doesn't want Margo to "break down again."
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Bodybuilder Who Married His Silicone Girlfriend Says He'd Actually Like More Wives

Yuri Tolochko, the Kazakhstani bodybuilder who married his silicone girlfriend, has revealed that he’s got room in his heart for even more artificial wives.

In a recent interview, Tolochko spoke about how his wife — Margo — had become broken just days before Christmas.

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“I don't want Margo to break down again,” he said. “And that means I have to unload her.”

Tolochko explained that he was considering having “several wives” in addition to his original bride, as it’s a “tradition [that] exists in some eastern cultures.”

However, his approach is slightly less-traditional as the wives are set to be dolls.

"I am currently considering two options,” he explained, noting that he’d been “acquainted online” with one of the silicone women.

"I even decided to fly to her, meet her. She lives in Moscow. But they didn't let me out of the airport, because of the quarantine,” he added.

The bodybuilder, who has 100,000 Instagram followers, made headlines in 2019 when he proposed to his voiceless girlfriend.

The duo got married last year and there was even a wedding video to certify the event.

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