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These 7 Activities Are The Perfect Way To Celebrate The Start Of Summer In Calgary

Including a contest with Pepsi for chances to win epic prizes.

In Calgary, there's never a dull moment in summer. Whether you're the laid-back, chill type or someone who craves a good adventure, there are things to do that everyone can enjoy.

Calgary locals know how chilly the winter gets, so they're more than ready to kick off the start of the sunny season when it's time. That's why Pepsi® is launching a contest that gives Canadians the opportunity to win some epic prizes that'll make this summer one to remember.

Entering the Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff contest is easy; look for unique codes on specially marked Pepsi products and enter them at contest website, and you'll get the chance to win $10,000 weekly and thousands of instant prizes, including bicycles, paddleboards and barbecue grills.

If you're ready to embrace all that summer has to offer, here are seven activities you can enjoy with your favourite people. And don't forget to look for codes on specially marked Pepsi products for your chance to enter to win and upgrade your adventures.

Soak Up The Sun With A Picnic At Fish Creek Provincial Park

Price: Free

Address: Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Fish Creek Provincial Park is a peaceful area with luscious greenery, water and loads of opportunities to spot animals. It's perfect for a hot summer day where you just want to rest and unwind. Here, people love to lay down a blanket, enjoy a picnic and lounge under the sun for hours.

There's plenty to do here too. Fish Creek flows throughout the park where you can fish, and you can take a dip in the man-made lake. The entire park is full of trails where you can go hiking or biking too. If you win a new bike as part of Pepsi's Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff contest you can use it at the Fish Creek trails all summer long.


Appreciate Some Of The Coolest Architecture In Canada

Sergii Figurnyi | Dreamstime

Price: Free

Where: All around the city

Why You Need To Go: Calgary has amazing scenery — and not just in nature. In fact, some of the coolest views can be found right within the city. If you consider yourself an appreciator of good architecture, there are several buildings, statues and bridges you'll want to hit up.

The Peace Bridge is a futuristic-looking walking and cycling bridge that stretches across the Bow River. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and features a bright red metal frame that's lined with windows.

Other buildings and statues you can check out on your architecture tour are The Bow, Calgary Tower, Studio Bell, Central Library, Historic City Hall and the Trees Sculptures. With few visitors to Calgary these days, it's the perfect time to be a tourist in your own city.

Try White Water Paddling Or River Surfing At Bow River

Price: From $39

Address: 5227 13th Ave. N.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Just because Calgary is hundreds of kilometres away from the coastline, doesn't mean you can't catch a wave in the city. River surfing and white water paddling at The Bow are both excellent choices for anyone looking for a little adrenaline rush to kick off the summer.

Veteran surfers will be able to take on the waves at The Bow, but less-experienced water lovers can start with a raft or kayak, which can be rented from the Paddle Station right at the river. For paddling, you just need to put on your life jacket, helmet and emergency safety kit, and you're ready to hit those river waves. You can even rent rafts that hold more than 10 people.


Head Out To The Rockies For Beautiful Scenery & Clear Blue Lakes

Why You Need To Go: The natural scenery in Calgary is like no other. Crystal-clear waters and mountain ranges are just a day's drive away from the city. You can look at as many photos as you like but nothing beats seeing the Rockies in person.

There are touring options available within the city of Calgary that'll take you out to the Rockies, so you can spend the day paddleboarding on the bluest of lakes with the gorgeous mountains as your backdrop. And, if you win a fancy new backpack as part of Pepsi's summer contest, you'll easily be able to bring everything along on your lakeside getaway.

Cuddle Some Cute Animals At Calgary Farmyard

Price: $17.95

Address: 284022 Township Rd. 224, Rocky View County, AB

Why You Need To Go: Calgary Farmyard is beloved by Calgary locals. With activities to keep you busy all day long, including friendly farm animals, ropes courses, zip lines, pony rides, mini-golf and the famous sunflower walk (only available in mid to late August), there's never a dull moment at this farm.

Calgary Farmyard will give you a day to embrace all that rural life, making it the perfect break if you're ready to get away from the city. A day pass is just $17.95 per person.


Speed Downhill At Skyline Luge Calgary

Price: From $24

Address: Winsport Canada Olympic Park, 88 Canada Olympic Rd. S.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: With 50 twists and turns over a 1,800-metre-long track, downhill karting is great fun for kids and adults. First, you take the ski lift to the top of the hill, climb aboard your luge kart and then let gravity do the work while you steer and race your buds to the finish line.

Tickets can be booked online and start at $24 for two rides downhill; you can purchase up to five downhill rides.


Test Your Balance With Stand Up Paddleboarding At Lake Chestermere

Price: Varies

Address: 105 Marina Rd., Chestermere, AB

Why You Need To Go: Calgary is surrounded by beautiful rivers and lakes, all of which offer you the chance to pull out the paddleboard and go for a relaxing ride. One popular stop is Lake Chestermere, which is located just 20 minutes outside of the city. This man-made lake was created in the 1880s by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Now it's used for swimming, fishing, paddle boarding and windsurfing.

Don't worry if you don't own a paddleboard. There's a rental shop at the lake. Or, with Pepsi's contest, there's an opportunity to win yourself a paddleboard of your very own.


These seven things to do should help you get started with celebrating the sunny season, and if you're ready to unlock the summer of your dreams, then enter the Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff contest.

By entering the unique code on participating Pepsi drinks on the contest website, you'll get a chance to upgrade your summer with instant prizes like barbecue grills, backpacks, hats, bicycles and t-shirts. And, of course, the chance to win $10,000 every week.

To learn more about Pepsi's Drink Pepsi Get Summer Stuff contest, check out the website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.