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Canadians Are Guessing The Caramilk Secret & Here Are Some Of The Most Interesting Theories

Erin from Toronto's theory is that "the caramel is enchanted into the bar by fairies."

Canadians Best Theories For Solving The Caramilk Secret
Contributing writer

Ever since Cadbury first launched the CARAMILK bar in 1968, the puzzle of how they get the soft flowing caramel inside the CARAMILK bar has remained an enigma. This secret has been around for over 50 years, and Cadbury has been doing a great job keeping it under wraps. Until now, that is.

That's right, Cadbury has finally opened the vault to confirm which guesses are correct.

There's nothing like the satisfaction of finding the answer to the question that everyone's been asking, and even better the CARAMILK SECRET just might be one of the most closely guarded mysteries to date. But earlier this summer, they asked Canadians everywhere exactly how they think CARAMILK gets made. Turns out those theories were all valid… kind of.

Thanks to this year's CARAMILK campaign, CARAMILK CANADA was able to interact on a personal level with consumers across social media platforms and confirm that all their theories are, in fact, correct. Who would've thought?

Since everyone is right, that also means technically no one is, so the mystery continues. But some of the speculations are interesting, to say the least — and eight fascinating theories have made their way to the top. In fact, some are so interesting that CARAMILK is celebrating them too!

"Caramel squeezed from dandelions, dripped on by chocolatey trees, moon-danced around, and softly spoken to by giddy leprechauns."

As eloquently told by Drew from Gatineau.

"Obviously, made by unicorns (the magical kind)."

Shoutout to Kevin from Ontario for this one.

"Made by caramel worker bees, then chilled."

Cody from Alberta is onto something here.

"Farmed on Mars and filled with caramel by some guy using space magic."

Fair guess, Alexis from Saskatchewan.

Courtesy of CARAMILK

"Obviously grown on Caramilk trees, then picked and wrapped."

Bill from Alberta has it all figured out.

"Made with caramel enchanted into the bar by fairies (when you're not looking)."

Erin from Toronto is convinced this one is it.

"Chocolatey goodness filled with caramel using the love of ancient grandma's and baby bunny tears."

Melissa from British Columbia, this one is appreciated.

@Dboudz1 | Twitter

"They drill tiny holes."

A solid theory from Twitter user @Dboudz1.

"Caramel poured into chocolatey squares and sealed with a kiss."

This might just be the winner, Nina from Alberta.

With each guess of the CARAMILK SECRET being "confirmed," there's no way that all of these conclusions can be true… right? Just when you think you've got everything figured out, CARAMILK continues to play with us and you realize you're not even close. Looks like the mystery prevails, after all!

Courtesy of CARAMILK

If you're still pondering the famous CARAMILK SECRET, at least you can be entertained by the top guesses made by fellow Canadians. And who knows? Maybe your answer is the real right answer.

To learn more about CARAMILK SECRET theories, check out CARAMILK's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Melina Brum
Contributing writer