A Highly-Anticipated North Carolina Brewery Just Opened Despite City-Wide Shutdown

Did someone say to-go beer?

There might be a world pandemic going on, but that isn't stopping some businesses from moving forward with catering to their community's needs. Supporting local businesses is important to keep them up and running for when people can actually enjoy a meal inside these locations. To keep local spirits up, this new brewery in North Carolina just opened and is already serving their next door neighbors.  

Royal Bliss Brewing Company in Denver, North Carolina recently opened on Thursday, March 26.  Some would think it's risky to open during a world pandemic, however that didn't stop these passionate foodies. 

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This New Dumplings Spot In Charlotte Will Make You Feel Like You're In Nepal

The food truck will now have a permanent location opening this month.

Your search for authentic dumplings in North Carolina can soon be over because a brand new Himalayan spot is opening soon.  The 7th Street Public Market is about to welcome an all-new Asian restaurant in Charlotte that is transforming from food truck to brick-and-mortar. The soft and chewy bite-sized treats will be at your fingertips as soon as mid-March.

Momo Station, a subsidiary of the popular Momo Truck, will be one of the newest tenants to grab the attention of foodies in one of Charlotte's trendiest spots.

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You Can Get Melty Nutella Empanadas At This All-New Charlotte Eatery

There are 14 wild fillings.

For fans of Mexican food, there's probably always room in your schedule for Taco Tuesdays, however spicy south-of-the-border delicacies reach beyond the tortilla. If you love empanadas, you might come to find that this brand new South American restaurant in Charlotte with Nutella empanadas is your new favorite spot.

Felix Empanadas just opened up shop on March 3 in Charlotte's ever-popular Optimist Hall. What once began as a mere food truck, founded by Argentina native Felix Godward, is now making more permanent moves.

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This Popsicle Bar In Charlotte Serves Adorable Chocolate-Dipped Waffles

There are 15+ dippings and toppings.

Many people view popsicles as a symbol of their childhood summers. Now that it's 2020, things have changed and there's a new and much more elaborate way to enjoy these fruity treats. The best ice cream in Charlotte can be found at this popsicle bar with chocolate covered everything, from ice-pops to waffles.

Popbar is a whimsical dessert shop in Charlotte with additional locations in 23 other cities in Texas, Georgia, California, Florida and more.

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This Hidden Lounge In Charlotte Makes Drinking A Fantastical Science Adventure

You won't believe how they'll make your drinks.

Charlotte is a city that is constantly growing and welcoming new establishments into the downtown and Plaza Midwood areas. There is one spot that you must visit when you are in the area and it serves up some of the coolest drinks around. This restaurant in Charlotte has a cocktail lounge that will turn your drink into a science experiment. 

KiKi opened in Plaza Midwood in Charlotte, North Carolina back in November of 2019. It's directly below the popular spot, Soul Gastrolounge, which is owned by the same folks. 

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You Can Order Burger-Infused Sushi Rolls At This Charlotte Fusion Spot

They're the self-proclaimed inventors of ""Burgushi."

When it comes to the two cuisines fighting for the number one spot in our hearts, burgers and sushi hold a firm lead. The two different flavors may be too different for some people to mix together, but the fusion is a hit at this one North Carolina eatery. This Charlotte sushi restaurant has burger infused sushi rolls, and the unconventional pairing has rave reviews. 

Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar is a colorful sushi and burger fusion spot that's dishing up new takes on classic dishes. 

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